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When i signed up for direct tv i signed up on a referral a friend never got the discount, then in the same package i was suppose to get like 300 gift card never got it......i let alll that past ooo well now New Year’s Eve i had a party for my kids so they could see the ball drop and everything, guess what couldn’t watch it cause only like 5 stations would come in, call them and they say that’s weird that only happens if u didn’t pay ur bill, well guess what i freaking do and on time every month!! Ok still not fixed they tell me it would be 100.00 for someone to come out in a few days, you got to be freaking kidding me, not only is my kids New Year’s Eve ruined but u think I’m paying 100 cause your things don’t work, no thanks so i cancelled it, now I’m told i will have like 260.00 cancellations fee that i will never pay, I’m not paying for ur *** not to work!!! I will put reviews up for everyone to see before picking direct tv for service, WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I filed a complaint against DIRECTV last week with B.B.B. and Consumer Affairs and got over a $100.00 in credit to my account. File a complaint against them!


How do you file the complaint with the BBB? We were promised a $250 gift card when we signed up last August - finally got $100 and a promise for the additional $150 in December, but never got it. Also we're being billed (and have paid for two months a $19.99 " protection plan" which we declined when we signed up.