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On or about February 2015 I contacted Directv to cancel my service. I had to relocate & the new complex I was moving into did not allow satellite dishes. If they did, I would have definitely continued my new service with them. I was a Directv customer for more than 15 years & spent at least $4000/year with them.

I was informed that I was going to be charged a cancellation fee of more than $450. I was very taken aback by this. I pleaded my case about being a loyal customer & the fact that the new complex would not allow satellite dishes. Their response was quoting me some FCC law that states that complexes are not allowed restrict satellite dishes. I spoke with the President of the Association & he had no intent of changing the bylaws. No matter what I stated to Directv they did not want to hear a thing. The rep did promise me that he would send my request to the "back office" & they would inform me of their final decision. I never heard back from them & received no more bills so I assumed that it was resolved. Fast forward to October, 2015 when I decided to purchase a vehicle. The dealer runs my credit report & discovers that a credit collection agency states that I owe them money for Directv. Once again, I called Directv to plead my case & inform them of my dissatisfaction. They couldn't care less. In addition, they informed the collection agency to not accept a settlement on my account. Either pay in full or the derogatory mark stays on my credit. By the way, I emailed the President of Directv to inform him of my situation & received an email stating the same things that all his other employees did. If I ran my company this way I'd be out of business!!

My advice is to use any other cable/satellite provider in your area. I still cannot believe after spending more than $60,000 with them in 15 years that they could care less about my satisfaction. I will NEVER use them again no matter where I live!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Directv Cons: Time in getting issue resolved, Customer service, Not resolving issue, Unwillingness to address my issue, Cancellation policy.

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You mean that if you ran your company like DirecTV you would be a multibillion dollar company? You signed a agreement there is is a penalty for breaking it, you choose not to pay you get a mark on your credit if should be saying I want to run my business like DirecTV force customers to pay their bills collection agencys don't just sit on things you got leters you choose to ignore


I would agree with you if I was relocating to a location that would allow satellite dishes. The customer should not be punished because of some supposed FCC law & then expected to force the complex to allow them especially when I am a renter, not the owner.

I NEVER received any bills from the collection agency.

They did not have my new address. If I did I would have at least contacted them.

My credit is extremely important to me. I had a 754 credit score until this blemish appeared.


The law is there, it is YOUR job to make sure that the law is in force, if the HOA said black people could not live there whos job is it to enfore the law saying they can, people like you and the police, your HOA may have rules but you have laws, you can either fight for YOUR rights to have your service or not