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Update by user Dec 01, 2016

My issues with DirecTV/AT&T were resolved within 3 hours of sending this email and posting this review. A very nice woman from the President's office called me and listened to my story with a very sincere concern.

She also offered me a discount for 12 months, as well as her direct phone number in the event I should ever have additional problems.

She also asked that I call her after the service call today to let her know how everything goes when, and if, the issues are corrected. Thanks DirecTV, and thanks Elizabeth!

Original review posted by user Dec 01, 2016

This is a copy of an email I just sent to 3 executives at DirecTV/AT&T - including the email address given above. Dear DirecTV/AT&T Executives: I have been a customer of DirecTV for many years (on and off) and have never been so disappointed or upset with the lack of customer service I received last night.

I'll be as brief as possible: I'm a Preferred Xtra package customer and realized last night that I can't get channel 815 (Holiday Music Channel). This time of year is when I tune in to that channel on a daily basis. I called the 800 number for assistance. 1.

First lady couldn't help because I couldn't unplug my receiver. Because of the way our TV is hooked up, it's almost impossible to easily reach the cord to unplug. Since I couldn't unplug the receiver, she transferred me to a technician, after being on the phone with her already for 10 minutes. 2.

Eli (technician) was very helpful (for over 30 minutes); however, he also couldn't fix the problem. He asked me to HOLD because he was going to talk with someone about possible dish updates - or something like that. At this point I was somehow disconnected. Never received a call back - even though I was asked repeatedly if the phone number they had was the best to reach me at.

I told the reps, each time, that yes, it was. 3. After waiting approximately 2 minutes without a return call to me, I called the 800 number again and attempted to contact Eli. When the automated voice options came on - by the way, the voice option feature is USELESS - I asked for technical assistance.

I was transferred to a woman whose English I could barely understand. After explaining over, and over, and over again to her what my issue was, she told me I didn't have a contract with DirecTV for my equipment - or something of that nature (as I said, I couldn't understand her). I was on the phone with this person for about 10 minutes. After this amount of time, I deduced that she was useless, as was my time spent on the phone with her, and so I hung up.

My frustration level at this time was over the top! I've just spent at least 50 minutes on the telephone trying to get ONE CHANNEL operational - a channel I've been paying to receive for a very long time now, and obviously couldn't have listened to during this entire time of payment! 4. I called the 800 number AGAIN, and this time was connected to somebody in technical service (woman) that I could at least understand better.

I was short with her and told her I wished to speak to a supervisor. She indicated that all supervisors were "busy", but that she would put in a request for their assistance. Then she said that while I waited for a supervisor, if I would just give her some information about my issue she would try to help me - yet again - solve the issue. OMG!

Seriously? Obviously the ploy was to try and solve my problem without bothering a supervisor. Supervisors must only be available only after you talk with at least 4 people who can't solve your problem there! So...with no other option...again...I had to relate my entire story to this newest customer service technician.

She was nice and went through EVERYTHING again in an effort to get this channel (815) into service for me. And guess what? After at least 15-20 minutes with this person, she couldn't fix it either! She told me the supervisors were all still busy - no doubt because the help and customer service is now a joke since AT&T took over - but while I was still waiting, she would set up a technician visit to my home to see if they can fix the issue.

Again I say - OMG!. Finally, in a couple more minutes, I got a Supervisor. 5. Now as I talk with the Supervisor (I believe her name was Cora or something similar), I realize I can't really understand her either (3rd woman I spoke with that had a distinct foreign accent)!

I asked her to slow down because I couldn't understand her. She did and it was some better. I explained my problem, AGAIN, as well as explained my complete frustration with the total ineptness of customer service, technical service, and the entire process of trying to get one blasted thing fixed - including the inordinate (unwarranted, exorbitant, irrational, extreme, excessive; you pick the adjective here) amount of my time on the telephone with customer service people. It was completely and absolutely obvious to me that this supervisor could care less about my frustration and/or my problem.

All she wanted to do was schedule my service call and get off the phone with me - a service call which she "kindly" was scheduling "at no charge to me" (her words). Really???? No charge to me? It's DirecTV's/AT&T's problem - NOT MINE!

What about my time and what about all the days/months I've been paying for a channel I couldn't receive. My time is worth as much as hers! I asked her if I needed to go through each and every channel I am supposed to receive as part of my package to ensure I was actually getting it, and she said that really wouldn't be necessary. And why wouldn't it be necessary?

Obviously, I don't watch every channel in my package- a package choice which I'm forced to select based on the 5-10 channels I actually WANT to receive and watch. After talking with me for about 10 minutes, she said she could also give me a one-time $5.00 credit because I can't receive the channel! How wonderfully kind of AT&T to offer so very LITTLE for my time and inconvenience! It was at this moment that I truly understood how very little AT&T cares about their customers, our opinions, and our issues!

6. I hung up and made the decision that DirecTV will be canceled when my current contract is up! I never had issues with customer service at DirecTV until AT&T took over. Since my time and money mean very little to your large corporation - as reflected in your horrible customer service/Supervisor assistance - I'm sure my dollars won't be missed.

I have always been a supporter of DirecTV and have always had good things to say about them to my friends and family, including that I wouldn't consider making a change in my service. In closing, I can only say that I hope somebody at this huge corporation reads this and that my words make enough of an impact for the powers that be to understand changes need to be made or there will be many more unhappy customers discontinuing their service with DirecTV/AT&T. I would hope that I hear back from at least one of the people I've addressed this email to - and not with an automated reply. Sincerely P.S.

A technician is scheduled to arrive in my home between 12 and 4 p.m. today. The supervisor told me to be sure to keep my phone line open so he could call and let me know when he's coming.

Seriously? Keep my phone line open?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Directv Cons: Customer service.

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I posted the above comment and want everyone to know this issue was resolved within 3 hours of emailing to the parties on my email. I received a call from a very nice woman from the President's office and she offered me a 12 month discount along with her direct phone line should I encounter any further issues.

I will hope for the best in the future. Thanks to DirecTV for listening to my concerns.