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I had direct tv in Kansas with no problems. I moved to Grand Island NE. I applied to transfer my direct tv there. I was first met with scheduling obstacles but finially got an appointment. The installer arrived at my apartment around 10 am (an hour or more late). He proceeded to look around the yard etc to get started. It was cold out and the ground had snow so it was hard. He started digging up the yard and had quite a patch dug. The landlord had just put in new grass and so this was not looking good. He dug *** and a trench to bury the wires up to the house. He tried to assemble the satellite but kept having trouble and having to call a helper and then had to leave several times to purchase more parts to assemble and get someone to bring by the proper tools he needed. This went on until 10 pm. He drilled through the new siding on the house and into the inside walls and kept "missing" the spot he needed so ended up leaving holes in the outside and inside. I was very nervous and wanted him to stop but he kept saying it was ok and it would be fine. He left to go and eat and came back about an hour later. By 10 pm he had the satellite in the yard, came in the house to hook up the boxes etc. and couldnt get a signal. He called his supervisor to see what to do. The supervisor tried to walk him through it but it wasn't working. By ll pm he was tired and wanting to go home. He kept calling his other "stops" to tell them he had to reschedule them.

All in all I never got service. My landlord was extremely upset that his yard and building were damaged. I ended up moving out. I returned all the direct tv equipment. The place I moved to did not allow satellite dishes on property.

The next thing I know I am getting a bill from direct tv for 627.00 for cancelling my contract! I have battled direct tv for several years and can get no where with them. I sent pictures of the damages (which they lost or misplaced and now say never received).

I told them the landlord would make a damage claim..I didn't want to submit a damage claim, I was just explaining what happened and that I wanted the cancellation fees taken off my credit report. I have spoken to every department to no avail. There is no one who will help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $627.

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This is a good example of why landlords do not allow satellite dishes on their property.Since they did not charge your bank account or credit card, I would go to all three credit bureaus and file a statement explaining your side of the situation.If you send them anything through the mail system,send it registered letter or fax it to them.