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My bill went from $66 to $100. I know I'm not a new customer anymore, but isn't a 52% hike in price a little much?

The current price for my plan is $50 for new customers. I called to see if they can lower my bill. The best they can do is $5 off, which is still a 44% increase. Obviously once they get you, they know you have to pay the second year so they apologize and say that unfortunately there aren't any deals at this time.

Well yes there is.

Sign me up as a new customer, that's the real deal at $50 versus $100. Shame on you for not caring about existing customers enough.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Directv Pros: Introductory price.

Directv Cons: 52 percent increase after the introductory period.

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Sounds a lot like Concast (not a typo). Concast just decides how much greed they want to spread, and your credit card takes a hit!


I don't trust Any offer. If it sounds too good.


I only have free tv. I bought my car for cash and I NEVER sign up for anything before I carefully vet the product or service.

90percent of the time, I pass. TRUST NO ONE


We have been loyal customers since 2005. Since AT&T took over our bill has been going up every few months.

Now it's twice as much as when we first started. We still have the same equipment. Calling to get a lower price does nothing, but give me a headache talking to Filipinos with poor accents and no understanding of American English. There is no loyalty program.

We got rid of AT&T because of their price increases. Looking forward to getting rid of Directv too.


Fight the power! Free over the air tv is good unless you crave sports channels.

That's a great way to keep in touch with the guys; visit every game day. Be sure to check in first.

No pop ins. Bring something to the home.