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I got Directv November of 2015. I was promised the moon and stars to switch from Xfinity.

I was told that I would receive a $100.00 Visa gift card (Have NEVER received it after countless calls). I was told that I could disconnect after one year - at the one year mark they said it was for 2 years or I would pay a $230.00 fee for early disconnection. I was told as an AT&T customer I would receive a discount on my AT&T bill every month. That NEVER happened despite calls to AT&T and even going into their stores multiple times.

They doubled my price at one year mark, and EVERY time I called they would tell me there were NO notes in their system about my Previous calls. I said I could not afford their services any longer, they said the best they could do was to put a freeze on my account for 6 months and then hopefully I could afford to resume paying my bill or afford to pay the $230.00 to disconnect. Lo and Behold I received a bill stating I am overdue by $190.00 (one month after they were supposed to freeze the account) and in danger of being shut off. LOL WHAT???

I just completed a online chat with their customer service.

Guess what? They say once again there are NO records, NO notes of my last conversation and nothing about freezing my account!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Reward Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $230.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Directv Pros: Channels and quality.

Directv Cons: Customer service, Promised things never received, Complaints never documented, Discounts not honored, Cancellation fees.

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To help out and mention a few things;

1. As far as the 100$ Visa Reward Card, It is usually a redemption process and if it is you would have had an automated email sent to you or might be able to go to directv .

com / redeem to see about redeeming it, however if it was online redemption you needed to redeem that is 90days from receiving the email so.. :/

2. "I was told as an AT&T customer I would receive a discount on my AT&T bill every month." There was a 10$ ATT Joint Billing discount that supposedly goes on each month for lifetime, However seems they stopped offering that in July, 2016 when my cousin signed up however promotions always are changing and that is why I stick with them after all.

Back to point though, If you have your ATT Services and DIRECTV Service under same name and for ATT have home phone or uverse internet, you should be able to joint bill, if you don't have those services, or if you didn't joint bill that would explain why no 10$ discount to lower your *ATT Bill (*technically the ATT bill goes down since it is all on one bill)

3. 230$ for an Early Cancellation Fee if you joined in Nov.

of 2015 doesn't sound exactly right, The agreements vary every now and than however newer ones (such as 2015+ at least) have been 24months with up to 480$ which means 20$ per month for each month left to the agreement, and if you are in a partial month it isn't in the ECF, so 230$ doesn't sound right only because it isn't divisible by 20$ however it might be 220 or 200, it does go down by 20$ for each billing month you still have them.

4. "Guess what?They say once again there are NO records, NO notes of my last conversation and nothing about freezing my account!!" There is a few different departments and considering ATT acquired directv only in 2015 I'm sure not all of their systems are unified just yet for logistical reasons mainly but I have personally talked with the "joint billing department" which their official name was "Integrated Service Team" they said, and they are able to see my directv AND att accounts at the same time, so what I think may have happened is POSSIBLY they left notes on the ATT system but not DIRECTV bit of a long shot but it wouldn't hurt to check. Also 2 last mentions, Even if you did put a "freeze" on the account most of the time it extends the agreement and they usually ask you to make payment to get it submitted.

The very last thing is: "I just completed a online chat with their customer service." .. yea I honestly don't mind staying on hold since I know their phone support is good, the thing I have noticed is chat support always seem sketchy and when I call in asking about chat support to test it out once, they told me that they couldn't find any logs down from the chat representative, however they are required to document during calls thankfully.