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Direct TV is the worse company on earth and they are crooks, they take money from your account without authorization and I am finding it has happened to a lot of people. They stole $411.00 from me and they are rude, nasty customers service representative that only care about the money.

We must all band together to stop them from ripping us off. I know it has happened to others, if enough of us complain, something will happen. Send a letter to the Better Busine Bureau!

It is time for them to go down and stop them from getting away with this scam. Their technicians do not have a clue what they are doing, nor do they care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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i havent had direct tv in three months though they kept sending me bills. yesterday i discovered a 109 dollar debit from my account .....it was NOT authorized by me and overdrew my account so i also have a 35 dollar fee from the bank.

someone needs to stop DTV.....seriously

one of the many reasons i went with dish network 3 months ago and am quite happy with their service and channel line up...


On Nov. 8th, 2009 DTV used my debit card info to remove money from my bank account - unauthorized - for nothing.

We did not owe them money, it was not for a service since our bill was paid up - just random withdrawl. This ultimately also resulted in several overdraft fees. Total error now resulting $318. I called several times.

They claimed not to see the charge on my account. So I faxed them copies of my bank statment highlighting where it had affected my account. No response, call again, send more letters. I even sent a certified letter with all the copies of my paperwork, they stamped it, saying it was received.

Still no response. So I call again...." We don't see where there has been any correspondence...." BS. Ultimately, after about a year of messing with it, I just gave up. Fast forward to current day.

We finally decided to get rid of them. So I call to cancel, because I hadn't paid the last month yet (they do owe me money you know), they refused to "cancel" our service. REFUSED!!!! However, they did "shut it off".

Ok, except that they still charged us for that month where we had no service. Now they have again used my debit card to withdraw $200 from my account - UNAUTHORIZED!!!!!!!!!!! I call, they tell me the have the right to use my card because I have used it in the past to pay our bill. Just because I pay you once with a card, does not give you the permission to use that information whenever you want to.

Don't ever, ever sign up for this service, don't ever give them your bank info. because they will just randomly use it whenever they want to.

By the way, the bank is going after them now for illegal use of financial info.

Get Roku, cheaper, better, no frigging hassle. :(


listen, I agree with everything I have seen above. So what can we do about it?

It's well established by all of us that they are crooks, so there is no need to continue documenting it. The one thing they care about is money, so that is what we must stop them from receiving.

Boycott? Workers strike?


I hate DIRECT TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told them I was getting a second TV before the holidays.

when I signed up. They told me it would be a $5 a month charge and they would come out with a new box and to jut call and schedule. Now they want to charge me $200. 2 hours later and 6 representatives.........I was disconnected 4 times, they said sorry..

not going to honor their original promise. Not to mention, the channels suck. i can't even get NW news anymore.

So, unless I spend $299 more, I will not have a TV in my living room for 2 years.Do not get Direct TV! :(


I had Direct TV debit from a closed bank account no less than 3 times; even tho they admitted they were wrong and had all of the corrected information. After numerous phone calls and FAXES NOTHING ever was done to help me even tho at least 2 "supervisors" and 5 CS reps assured me the problem would be taken care of.

I called and was given the run around and basically lied to for 3 months so I finally sent a letter to the corporate headquarters.

I am sure not a *** thing will happen and they will go on to do this to someone else. I see the CEO will be on undercover boss this week-end; I am sure he will never hear about how his company treats their "loyal customers."


we are going through the same problem. We can't find anyone to complain to, they don't have "departments" to transfer to.

How long did it take to get your money back? Who do I write to or call to file complaints? They took our rent money, and were never authorized to have our check card number. When we called and told them to take it off the account they had it on file with they flat out said no, we won't take it off.

It's crazy. I said so how can you have a credit card on file to someones account that doesn't have their name on it and has nothing to do with that person? She said they don't care whose name is on the card, they just need the card number and expiration date. Talk about furious!

We had to order a new card to stop them from taking money out.

They tried running the card several times. please help if you can.


We just became direct tv customers yeseterday and was so excited for our new service. After the technician came and crawled his *** through my attic and made several banging noises and drilled holes in the side of my house he was done after 3 hours.

I decided to check on my account to see when my bill will arrive and how much it is and to my suprise a 40 dollar package is now almost 70 dollars a month. I was told dat after every first dish there is a marrying fee of 5 dollars a month. they initionally told us there was no extra fees to be paid. We quickly was dissatisfied with the misleading information.

We canceled our service within a half hour of installing the devices. And on top of that we told them to send postage boxes to collect all their receivers as well as their dish the accepted to take the receivers and delined their dish. If they think that they will advertise their *** *** on the side of my house they have another thing coming. I will knock that sucker down so fast.

Also to make things worst we were told that the way the technician placed the dish on the roof was all wrong and we may get leaks and bugs entering into the attic. I am so pissed wish direct tv i will not recc this 2 anyone.

EVER!! :( :( :( :(


How nice is it to get a $3.50 increase in my bill one month to be bombarded from every direction with advertising that "new" customers get 50% off their service for one year. WOW!

Wonder how they are going to pay for that? Cancel? Sure, with a $20.00 a month spanking for leaving early. So why is my contract extended out to June 2011?

Well one of their cheep cards failed and that was the price I had to pay to get a new card! What an *** I am!

Just think about those poor slobs about to get that fantastic 50% off offer....they have been warned! GOOD LUCK TO THEM!


Yeah... I had the same issue.

I canceled my service and the rep told me that they would be sending a bill within 7 days. I asked if I could just pay the bill over the phone and he said no, to wait till the bill arrived. It has been 6 days and they auto deducted my account for the final bill and I still havent recieved the statement!!!!! I called and, like so many others, the rep told me that the system automaticly deducts the ammount owed.

I even had the manager listen to the recording of my conversation with the rep the week prior in which he stated that I was to pay the final bill when I recieve the statement!!!!

I understand that the contract states that they have the "right" to auto deduct upon temination of contact but with most companies a verbal aggreement stands. I would have to say that this is the WORST company/reps that I have ever dealt with and have recommened to all my friends and family to switch to cable or DISH!!!!!


1. Representative lied about getting a free DVR with package. When I called in on that I had to fight through three levels of customer service rep. Finally a supervisor agreed to send me a $100.00 gift card to cover for being charged.

2. I filed for a rebate online. Needless to say the rebate never showed up and there is no record of it... Boom price goes up $30.00 a month... Luckily I have the confirmation number.

3. After three and a half hours on the phone talking with various customer server reps and supervisors I was livid. I have been lied to and abused by this company and will no longer take it. Seeing this website and the countless complaints online has left me enraged. Direct TV is a dishonest company! Dishonest companies should not EVER be allowed to profit from their actions.

Since I found absolutely no help from anyone I have decided to go to war with Direct TV. Rather than pay the early termination fee I have come up with a better plan.

1. Reduce your programming to bare minimums.

2. Purchase the $5.99 equipment insurance.

3. Knock the dish out of line once a week and call for service. This is at least a $50.00 service call, more if their truck breaks.

4. Call customer service as often as possible. Those reps get paid and for every hour you spend trying to get your problems handled. Direct TV loses $15.00 to 25.00 per hour spent on the phone with them.

5. This is the clincher, after a few months of this Direct TV may decide that you are no longer "profitable" and cancel your contract. Make it a point to tell them that you really enjoyed making sure they did not profit from you.

While this is a pain in the *** and does not save you one plug nickel it IS the right thing to do! If enough people that were upset took this course of retaliation they would have no choice but straighten out. Companies these days don't care about what is right or wrong they only care about your money! MAKE THEM PAY TO STEAL FROM YOU!!!


Direct TV -- you don't have a clue as to the definition of "integrity and honesty" -- what a joke. You are a heartless, lawless corporation who ransacks its clients' accounts and ruin their credit. NEVER SIGN ANYTHING WITH DIRECT TV


I have recently experienced some of the same issues as you all. I had $1100 taken out with out explination or authorization.Their CS is useless and clueless with out any regard to ethics.

I have filed complaints with the attorney generals office, Department of Consumer affairs and BBB.

Do you realize that DTV has over 33,000 complaints filed against them with the BBB for basically the same thing? This is way out of control


Agree, Agree, Agree! It is a racketeering outfit and nothing more.

They have a fee and a clause for everything.

They have the WORST customer relations on the planet. THIEVES!!!


{{Taken from the Direct TV website..what a crock of *** ***!!!}}

This is our Promise to you

We strive to deliver the best television experience for you every day.

Committed to the principles of honesty and integrity, our employees are determined to provide you with prompt, courteous and excellent service.

We promise to do our best to resolve any issues that might arise as quickly as possible. And we will continue to develop the unique, innovative programming and services that you have come to expect and enjoy from DIRECTV.


We had Direct Tv with no problems.. we moved and decided to cancel our service and go with cable.

I called and requested a recovery box for the receivers. Not one time, but three different times ( about once a month after we moved). One day while looking at my checking account, I notice that I have a deduction of $822 from Direct tv. My husband was on the phone for two hours with 5 different people giving him to run around as to why our account was deducted with out authorization for cancelation fees and they charged us for the receivers that they NEVER sent recovery boxes for per our requests..."its in the agreement." they argued..fine whatever...

We Finally get the recovery boxes via fedex and immediatly send them back. Get a letter in the mail stating the our account will credited back $ 350.00. Awesome. So i call to see when they will be putting the money back on my card.

( we were told when this first happened it would be immediatlely following the recovery of the receivers.) Well now they are saying 8-10 days... Here we are at day 18 .. and still no refund.. I call..i email..

its the same response .. Its being processed and its been sent to the financial dept.

Now im reading through all these complaints from different customers and im thinking im never going to see any of that money!!!! :cry


i had direct tv disconnect my service and take $380 from my checking account and i hadn't asked to be disconnected. when i called customer service they told me they were sorry and would refund the money in 7-10 days.

when what steps took 7 days to return money that wasn't theres they couldn't give me an answer. after a week and no refund i called back only to find out the refund had never even been put through. i've had nothing but problems with this company and would love to find a way out.

i will never recommend there services to anyone. they're nothing but crooks!


It's in the customer agreement that you signed up for when you activated your service with them. It states that they can charge your card for all fees after disconnection.


I had direct tv disconnected today. They do not care about their customers.