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DIRECTV has updated their software and changed their interface; it is HORRIBLE; I HATE IT!!Why in the world would they change from the old look?

The guide and words on info are too small and there is no way to change it!! Since AT&T took over, Directv has gone down the tube; instead of making the company better, it has gotten worst!!! Get it together AT&T/Directv or you all going to lose a LOT of Customers!!!

I have been a Directv customer since 2008 and it is getting worst; they need to put the old format back or make the wording larger so people can see!!This service cost too much money, to not be able to enjoy what you watching!!

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Don't like Directv new interface.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: New software interface.

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DirecTV new interface...why did you change something that worked perfectly into a confusing mess? What did you gain from this? How about an option to return to the old interface?


I hate DirectTV, I hate all the paid programs, I hate the new tv guide format.


DirectTV consumer since 2001.Please revise/change/reverse this interface design asap.

The DirectTV interface was THE reason to subscribe and now it's the reason to leave.Someone made a really bad decision here.


Turrible. Just turrible.


Did anyone call to report how the guide is causing problems & search for othe providers?

to Brenda #1466391

Yes, I did when it first happen; they said a software update!


This is the worst “update” I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with.I’m very disappointed.

I can’t understand how anyone with have a brain would do this.I have a mediocre high school education and could do better than this.

to Joe #1466395

I agree Joe; Directv used to be good but now, it is horrible! I cannot even download my on demand tv shows!


You can't even let us save our preferred sort order in our DVR list?Every time now I have it hit "0" just to get it in alphabetical order.

Not to mention that EVERYONE here is absolutely correct on whatever single item pissed them off. I'm a UX designer and this is without a doubt the worst "interface upgrade" I have ever seen. It's actually the complete opposite of an UX upgrade - you completely disregarded the preferences and needs of your customers. Just an awful decision to force this upon your customers.

I know I won't be the only once headed to another service if you don't do something, and do it fast.

Tick tock.And my wife hates it thanks for that.

to Anonymous #1466418



Just awful interface.Very hard to read show discriptions, and the shadowing in the upper and lower screen sections is very annoying.

I don't like this change at all.Big let down.


I have started ha I guess issues with direct tv prior to the guide change...but now it sucks SO bad...I want to cnahbe providers NOW!The guide is small, it scrolls and skips over shows and one of our TVs has no bar across the bottom to show where you are in the recording!

how annoying!!!

And I can’t go to a channel while in the guide by entering the number like I used I just have to page down.I HATE ITMaybe spectrum, which is cheaper, is an option!


We ABSOLUTELY HATE THE NEW HORRIBLE display changes that happened on our screen.It is hard to read, too small print, the gray and black colors do not work.

Whatever genius thought this was a good idea is going to be losing customers to a more people friendly screen with another company.Why "fix" something that is not broken and make your customers so upset?


I couldn't agree more.Was there some team of 20-somethings that did this? It's the single-worst UI I have ever seen.I own and use more tech than 90% of the world, and I am ready to cancel DTV over this move.My 65" OLED TV is being wasted with this awful "upgrade".What were they thinking? I can't state how pissed off I am.


Agree completely.HATE the gigantic blue box taking up half the screen in the recordings list and upcoming recordings.

Waste of space.

Let me expand for details if I want them...don’t waste half the list.Awful for scrolling.


I’m so unhappy with the change on Directv too! I don’t know who to complain to, but will change providers


Agree completely. New interface the WORST !!!!Will be changing to Spectrum is not fixed.Wow.....what a disapointment.


I thought I was the only one that was upset by the change.Good to see I’m not alone.

This is a disaster. I am also having problems with the bland format, and the number it is doing on my eyes.

Please Directv!!Listen to the forum and change it back.


I loathe the new interface.I called within fifteen minutes to complain.

I thought it was a malfunction. Totally unreadable and I have 20/20 vision.

I have to get up and go over to the TV to read it.Super dysfunctional...if they don't fix it or go back to the old one, I will switch back to Time Warner...

to julie Sisk #1466354

Enough people are calling in and they are aware that the guide changes are causing them to lose trust & business.I deleted NFL Sunday Ticket & got info.

about basic cable.

Hopefully, the are listening to us.I will wait until contract end-have over 1 yr left to see.

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