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DIRECTV has updated their software and changed their interface; it is HORRIBLE; I HATE IT!! Why in the world would they change from the old look?

The guide and words on info are too small and there is no way to change it!! Since AT&T took over, Directv has gone down the tube; instead of making the company better, it has gotten worst!!! Get it together AT&T/Directv or you all going to lose a LOT of Customers!!!

I have been a Directv customer since 2008 and it is getting worst; they need to put the old format back or make the wording larger so people can see!! This service cost too much money, to not be able to enjoy what you watching!!

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Don't like Directv new interface.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: New software interface.

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I will be leaving Directv in the fall when I have more time to spend watching. For now I am too busy to be bothered.

The remote is slow to work with the update and the horrible DVR revamp jumps around when trying to make selections. No use bothering to have them fix it. The last time I called they said they charge to fix their own equipment. My parents actually paid the rediculious initial fee as well as the monthly charge to have free service repairs.

They have had service repairs so often and still the system only works half the time. They have 6 TVs and I don’t think directv is capable of providing service to more than 2 TVs per house.

Either way I am done and look forward to moving on as I was shocked to see their DVR limits me to 100 auto recordings in the series manager. So I have had to except a lesser service for too long and now the poorly performing update makes the choice to leave even easier.


This new interface is horrible. The screen text is too small, menus offer too many choices and ways to accomplish basic tasks, is illogical in the ways to find what you want to do and too many other negative details to outline.

Was this tested and run by users to determine whether or not it would be desirable?

The monthly amount charged for this service is not equivalent to the benefits offered. I don't really like cable, but at least Comcast provides a useable interface.


I agree with everything you are saying. But I am having a major problem with managing my recordings (programs).

On my list of shows set to record. I have multiples of the same show, like 4 to 6 times on my list of 10 different shows. So many that if I want to add a show it tells me I have reached my max and to delete something. But when I try to take off the multiples of shows, it won't delete them.

I have tried everything to cancel the series and it won't do it. Is anyone else having this same problem?I hate everything but this has mw pulling my hair out!! I have even unplugged my genie and tried refreshing it.

Nothing works!! If I get one thing deleted when I go back, it has replaced the one with four more!!!


The new DirecTV interface is pure garbage. Recordings are a mess - IF they work.

They're scrambled on the "list" instead of in Season-Episode order - now they're in the order they're recorded (what genius came up with that idea??). So when recording multiple seasons on any channel - they're all over the place. You need to click 3 or 4 different things to accomplish things you used to be able to do with one click. You have to do an analytical research project just to get so "series options" - and then, it's so "NOT-straightforward" - that I usually can't do what it is I'm trying to do.

I've been a customer for about 12 years - THIS IS A MESS. DirecTV: Go back to what you had, give the user the same capabilities WE had - DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD... or when real competition comes into play, you guys might be toast.

AT&T should never have gotten into a business they're clearly not prepared to operate in. This is one customer that will start looking into things like Hulu - maybe even cable!!


Yep. Hate it too.

No way to manage DVR recordings anymore or I’d there is who knows where. Keep missing my shows because I set them to record and it doesn’t work.

Couldn’t even rewind to watch when it was on the station because I wAs watching DVR. I’ve been a DTV customer since they started and I’m ready to let ok for other options.

to Cat #1494578

Cat, I contacted the Corporate office and someone got back with me the same day. She told me that the engineers were working on the issues, and they would be sending out updates.

I think you all should call them, and complain too; the more, the better. Here is the number I called: (210) 821-4105 - listen to prompts, you want corporate office choice.

And I emailed Jody Garcia at jg192d@att.com - I believe she is a VP. Pray all goes well for you all!


Totally agree. Whoever approved this update should be fired.

Like all software designers, they design like they think, TOTALLY DIFFERENT THEN THE END USER. Get smart AT&T and include users in development.

I always watch tv in bed before going to sleep. I now cannot read the new screens on the tv across the room.


Horrible!! The remote doesn’t even change the channel-why bother watching tv, wastes time and energy screaming at the remote! I’m quitting it


I have twice deleted all episodes of a series I was recording by mistake, rather than only one episode I thought I had selected. And there is no way to halt the process once you realize what was happening. Hate the new interface!!!


I TOTALLY AGREE. Change it back to the way it was!!!!!


I agree with all of the comments. Plus it is slower to respond and even locks up frequently.

The interface is awkward and is not intuitive in the least. Why change what wasn't broken!


Hey Everyone, great news; I can now login to my Directv account! YAY!!

After I called the Corporate office the other day, the Resolution person I spoke with, gave my complaint to someone in the President’s office; she called me back within a couple of hours - the next day, my account situation was fixed. So you all call to complain about the new interface and other issues you all are having, so they can fix what they can now, and put you all on the list for things that has to be fixed later. The person who I spoke with, who got my login problems fixed, told me they were working on the interface problem too but did not know when it would be completed. Here is the number again that I called: (210) 821-4105 - again, listen to prompts, you want corporate office choice.

And I emailed Jody Garcia at jg192d@att.com - I believe she is a VP. Pray all goes well for you all!


This is the worst thing to happen to DIRECTV and reminds me of United taking the Continental website user interface which set them back 10 years and was the beginning of the end of United . .

. DIRECTV better pull it together and switch the user interface back or lose altogether to all their other OTT competitors.


Okay you all, I found a corporate phone for you all; make sure you listen to the prompt and chose the one that says, "Corporate Office", which is number 7. Then listen to which department, which is going to be directv.

The number is 210-821-4105. Let's bombard them with complaints, and maybe they will listen!


The email address is still incorrect. If anyone have any information on corporate, please post. Thanks


Update to VP’s email address:eafilipiak@directv.comEllen Filipiak, Senior Vice President of Customer RelationsResolution Phone Number:310-964-5000


Hi Everyone, let’s complain to the Directv head; here is her information. There are 11,388 complaints about Directv on this site alone - it is time they listen and fix this problem!

I am contacting her today!!Ellen.Filipiak@directv.comMs. Ellen FilipiakSR VP, Customer Care2230 E Imperial HighwayEl Segundo, CA 90245


Fix it fast or i'm heading over to Dish


Agreed! The new format for Direct tv is horrible!

I hate it!

The print is so small I have to squint to read it! It needs to be changed back immediately!


Agreed. It’s not intuitive.

They changed where you look for information, and the font size. It horrible

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