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I terminated service with DirecTV (DTV) due to their practice of periodically increasing my monthly service fee methodically and unilaterally to levels unsustainable for me. Every billing period I opened their invoice with increased apprehension of what the cost would be. Whenever the periodical charges became excessive, I was forced to call DTV to find out why. Sometimes they would offer me a small temporary discount that did little to offset the high cost. Other times my only recourse was to reduce my programming to a lower level. After doing what I could, the pattern of fee *** continued. Prices continued to increase in spite of the fact that they had agreed to keep my monthly fees stable for the length of my contract. I had made a practice of trying to keep copious notes of discussion(s) with DTV representatives. DTV apparently took none. As a disabled veteran living on a fixed income, I was eventually forced to seek an alternative service provider that would comply with their agreements.

The initial two-year agreement with DTV had expired. DTV claimed that my mandatory period of service contract was extended for an additional two years because I accepted an upgrade in the equipment I was using. I did not request an equipment upgrade; it was an unsolicited offer, and they did not make it clear that by accepting the offer I was extending the two-year agreement. I can assure the reader that I would not have accepted such an offer. I believe agreements such as this are not in the best interest of the consumer and in general should be avoided.

It is my position that the continual price increases were a violation of any agreement I would have made with DTV. For the part of DTV, they continue to cite their standard contract. I was able to find a standard DTV contract, but I cannot find any language in support of their claim. The length and small text size of the contract makes it is virtually impossible to read and comprehend. I did however find the following in a paragraph entitled Your Cancellation; If you cancel Service or change your Service package, you may be subject to an Early Termination Fee if you agreed to a programming agreement with DIRECTV and have failed to maintain the required programming package for the required period of time. This contract does not contain any of the verbal agreements between me and the DTV representative.

A rather large number of former DTV customers with virtually the same complaints as mine can be found online at various websites. This should help to validate my complaint.

User's recommendation: Write down your terms and conditions before you interact with DTV. Document the fact that they agreed to your conditions. Save your notes.

Preferred solution: Stop trying to bully me into paying you around $200. It's a lot for me and little for DTV. You must know that what I say is true. You can find many similar or identical complaints on line if you are truly interested...

DIRECTV Pros: Service is ok if you can afford it.

DIRECTV Cons: Unethical business practice, Poor cancellation policy regarding pro-rating of services.

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