I had Direct TV when I was renting an apt. My landlord had to replace the roof and I called Direct TV and told them ahead of time and asked what I was supposed to do about the dish. I was told someone would be out, but no one came.

The landlord did however begin the replacement a week later and had his men move the dish so they could finish replacing the leaking roof. They said they put the dish back in the exact spot and even celebrated it as close to what it was before. I had no problems with my service for days.

Then I started having an issue receiving my service and had to call DTV. They sent someone out finally, and sent ME a bill for $70+. I told them I was not paying it because it was of No fault of mine that the call was needed. They said that because the landlord had his men move my dish that it was my fault. Even after me explaining to them that I DID call for them to come move it, they still say it was my fault! Needless to say, I no longer have dish and will never have it again! I refuse to pay the bill, EVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Replacement.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The installation needs to be paid for regardless of whose "fault" you say it is. You are the one with the directv account.

It's on your account that they are scheduling the installation.

Because of that they will bill the install to you. From there it's your business if you want to pursue reimbursement from your landlord or the roofers.


How about you tell us the truth, 1. A service call is $49 and not $70 2.

Once a dish is installed it becomes your property and are responsible for maintenance even if s tornado comes along and pulls it from the roof 3.

Nobody give a *** if you get a new service dtv has 30 million subscribers but I am sure you will be back when they take the money from your account and put you in collections and ruin your credit, that is unless your the worthless deadbeat I suspect you are. I work for DirecTV's office of the president o know procedure for this type of problem and none of what you claim is true


Hello Anonymous. I feel sorry for you.

DTV needs to put into their contract the satellite dish belongs to the customer. They should remove the outside satellite when services are cancelled or disconnected. It is NOT in the contract what is what.

I'm a homeowner and my roof was leaking because of the satellite.

No where in the contract does it say its possible a leak will occur. I'm sure I'm not the first to have this problem.

Your company is rude and I hope all of you people have a bad tooth ache.


It is in the equipment leasing part of the agreement, I recommend you take another look at it here is a hint because I'm not going to do your homework for you you want to search lease terms and damage liability


LOL!! They need to suffer something worse than toothaches.

The bast**** need to go OUT of business! I absolutely REFUSE to allow any satellite company to put those damned dinosaurs on my property! Get cable from Comcast or AT&T, or even Time Warner, or whatever cable company operates in your area (yeah they have their issues but at least you won't have to worry about them drilling holes and **** into your home)! And they won't cover any damages either!

Satellite should have went the way of the floppy disk years ago! OUT of use!


Well as a landlord you have that right and I agree that tenants absolutely get the permission of the property owners to confirm that it is OK to install a dish on your roof but that is between the tenant and owner if someone sets up an account they are asked if they have permission to install if they say yes it is a matter between tenant/landlord but the tenant has a right by federal law to install on rented property I.e. pole mount in front yard that's is something you do NOT have the right to say no to and at least 3 times a month I personally send out letters to landlords telling them of tenants rights and that they have the right to sue them if they disallow or damage equipment already installed, last week a property owner called us to tell us to stop fixing the pole mounted dish on his property because he would remove it and the tenant would have DirecTV come out and fix it and the tenant would present a bill for repairs and take that out of their rent payment and this is perfectly legal just like if a landlord didn't like the ford car parked in front of his house and vandalized it every time he seen it