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After months of shotty service and incorrect bills, we finally cancelled our DirecTV account after almost 10 years of being a customer. They couldn't have cared less and the months of back and forth on the phone trying to resolve issues clearly showed that.

The supervisor in cancellations (Kevin), which was the second cancellations person I had to speak to just to get out of everything, was understanding and said he would credit all the charges off our bill and make it a $0 balance. However, as the final bill wouldn't arrive for 8 days, he would note the account just in case there was a miscalculation on his end, so that I could call in and have any balance removed. He gave me his employee ID and a rather large reference number to the note he wrote on the account.

I received the final bill and sure enough there was a $15.34 balance and DirecTV AUTO-CHARGED MY CARD FOR IT WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION.

No worries, I figured I would call in, reference Kevin's employee ID and the note and they would refund the charges. After over an hour on the phone where 4 different people were involved, including two supervisors, DirecTV refused to do anything about the charges and kept trying to explain how they were valid. They refused to listen to anything I had to say and just kept repeating themselves over and over again.

Even though I had been a customer for many years, and even though numerous times over those years I had requested inter-office e-mail to be sent to an employee ID when an issue couldn't be resolved, I was told be everyone on the phone today that wasn't possible and they had no way to communicate or send a message to anyone. AN OUTRIGHT LIE!

The call was so ridiculous that the supervisor in customer retention hung up on me mid-sentence even though I had managed to keep a level-head. The funniest part? The supervisor from billing was conferenced in and was still on the line when the customer retention supervisor disconnected the call. She couldn't believe it either but had no power to do anything for me.

Stay far away from DirecTV. I'll admit that they have the best picture but their billing practices, faulty equipment, poor customer service, and false promises should make any consumer wary of doing business with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Wow, amazingly, this is the EXACT same treatment I have received recently, after being with them for almost 25 years!! I'm DONE with DirectTV....Dish Network, hope you have room for one more LOYAL and FAITHFUL customer!!!


Don't count on Dish being any better. Now that AT&T has Direct, Dish knows they will have and endless supply of new customers. That's what ruined Direct and it will ruin Dish too.


I hope direct TV can see these reviews because, what ever happened to he customers always right? Bad for business direct TV. Respect the whole family don't just try to gebyisness from men.


Such a loyal customer!!!! Just reading between the lines tells all sounds like your bill was not incorrect just not what you wanted it to be!!!!

A ten year customer would have a lot of loyalty unless he was a constant complainer and demanding to receive credits to lower his bill rather than reduce the services he receives to an amount he can afford,. It sounds like u had a loyal discount maybe for a year and it ended whic was going to happen from day one discounts are only for a set amount of time no one changed the rules in middle of game!!!! Dtv has best equipment in industry and if you do your research best customer service but you will see after ten years you need to get a taste of reality... Grass not greener...

Now you just the new guy !!! It takes a company a year to even start seeing a return on the investment on a new customer so when you get that big increased bill in a year call their customer service I bet you will notice more difference than your picture......

I know Dtv and ten year customers that pay on time and dont suck every dime of profit out of their account and take advantage of their free equipment upgrades and pay for the new features the free equipment provides they are always valued and any legitimate issue would quickly be resolved . So that being said there is more to your story you're not telling.r issue wouldtakes a year for a company to retrieve their initial investment on a new customer


You respond to every negative comment directed at Directv. It is obvious that you are one of their goons/employees.

You put everyone down and state they use Directv as a babysitter and you take every negative about this company as a personal attack. I suggest you allow people to complain in the forum and shut your trap because everything you accuse others of, seems to be what you are doing. For example, you've stated that the people complaining here have nothing better to do than sit around and complain. I see you write incredibly long responses to the these complaints.

For you to jump everyone on here would mean you're spending far much more time than the original complainers. Look in the mirror hypocrite. Directv sucks period. They make promises and then they don't keep their end of the bargain but insist the customer keep theirs.

It's ridiculous. Big companies getting richer and richer by deceiving customers.



Amen, I'm ripping out Directtv, I prefer to call them *** tv now, only reason I went back is the Nfl ticket. But found out they ripped me off with the hook up, and now there are ways to get the ticket they try to monopolize, screw craptv, I'm done for good, sending the garbage back to the corporate offices with a letter, telling them to F off.


My advice, buy a FTA receiver that is capable. Call a tech guy off craigslist and have him install it.

He works for himself and will make every effort to make you happy. Burn alll your cable bills and satellite bills in the fireplace and snuggle in front of the fire watching free TV!