Milledgeville, Georgia
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I am not paying for something I didn't ask for! I have had Directv at my home since 2006.

as you know we have paid the monthly bill on time every time. You had a commercial account install at 930 N. Elbert St., Milledgeville,Ga.31061. It should have been a entertainment package for $29.99.

I called and talked to many REPS.about the problem. Directv Reps cancelled the order and told me they would give me a $10.00 credit on my 1629 Pine Valley Rd. account for 12 Month and also give me $10 credit a month on my 930 N. Elbert St.

account. One of the Directv REPS. on the phone said Directv would gave me all premium channels at both locations for 3 Month. Directv Service man would also come back and correct the problem.

The man that came out did what ever He Did and couldn't get the service to work. He said he didn't know how to set it up and that I would have to call Directv. I told him that I had been on the phone with Directv for hours and that he could call and get it straight. The service rep said he was late for another appointment but would come back on Monday and get it right.

He never showed up. signed Howard Underwood

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The pricing is different for commercial accounts.there also not alloys the 29$ package. The service man that comes out also can't do any of that.its all DirecTV. You have to call the commercial dept.