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I have a sports package with my current package with DirecTV in which I have been able to watch hockey on these channels for the last 4 years even though I had NHL Center Ice the past 3 years. I decide not to renew NHL Center Ice this season since all the games are broadcasting on the sports channels anyways and saw it as a waste of money when I can watch with no extra cost per year.

First week of NHL hockey season 2018 had no problems watching and recording hockey games (follow more than one team). After first week, all of a sudden these sports channels I pay for show I no longer have these in my package BUT ONLY WHEN HOCKEY GAMES are on. I can watch pregame show before hockey games start but then POOF the channel shows I no longer have this channel once hockey game start but then POOF magically comes back once hockey game ends. This is not a blackout message at all because I have had those for NFL games and a few hockey games in the past couple of years, this is a "CHANNEL NOT PURCHASED, PLEASE CALL DIRECTV TO ADD CHANNEL TO YOUR CURRENT PACKAGE".

I have called customer service 4 times and technical support 4 times. Each time I am told there is nothing wrong, that I do indeed have the channel and just need to reset my receiver was between me resetting and Directv resetting remotely has been done 12 times in the past 8 days with no success each and every time. The only thing I keep getting told is that if I want to watch hockey games than I will have to order NHL Center Ice. It does not matter which hockey game I click on I get the same message each and ever time.

They just repeat again to just order NHL Center Ice and this will not be a problem. They have sent out technicians twice, replaced the dish and even replaced my receivers but get same result. They keep spewing their crap about copyright laws (about recording games) or about blackouts (not the issue). However when I point out that I have 3 neighbors on my block with DIRECTV and have these exact same sport channels in their various packages they get the games just fine (none have every had NHL Center Ice).

I have been called a liar repeatedly, that what I am telling them that is occurring is made up by me (even though technician viewed a video of the channel working just fine but once hockey game started the channel was unavailable) and to quit contacting them because there is nothing they can do for me since I refuse to fix the problem which is ordering NHL Center Ice at $159.99. Also their DVR is screwed up, recorded shows are lost, come back after deleted, randomly deleted even though are set to not delete until manually deleted which has apparently been an ongoing issue since the beginning of the year with no idea when they are going to fix it. Just get told repeatedly "we know about the problem and are working on it currently, should have a solution soon". Yeah do not see that happening.

So I am done with DIRECTV and will loudly and proudly tell each and every person I know just how DIRECTV does not care about the customer and it is all about money. Never again DIRECTV, never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Since I feel DirecTV is retaliating against me for not subscribing to another year of NHL Center Ice by making the channels magically unavailable ONLY during when any NHL game is on, I want them to give me NHL Center Ice for free for the entire season..

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