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I connected my Gene to my internet thinking I might be useful. Didn't know that even if I didn't use the internet for movies, etc.

that the Gene was using data. Got a whopping huge internet monthly bill due to overages due the Gene connection. Now I cannot disconnect the Gene from the internet. I tried to disconnect by the Gene keeps reconnecting by itself.

Very bad experience with Directv. DO NOT connect your Gene. I called the Directv help line and the tech said there was no way to disconnect from the internet. I changed the router password thinking that would disconnect.

A few days later I saw that the Gene was connected to the router.

How did the Gene access the new password? Very disappointed with Directv.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So you connected a device to the internet and expected it to use no data...right

then you changed your WiFi password and the device is still connecting to your router...

this is only possible under certain conditions. 1, you didn't actually change your password.

2, your router is faulty and insecure . 3, you have an Ethernet cable connecting the genie to the router.

No matter which of these three things it is, none of them point to directv. it's either your fault or the fault of your router.