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Since it was installed, the nightmare began... it took them almost a wk to be able to run our service.

They came back and forth to try to correct it. The last time they came it took a day for our service to started freezing again. I thought it was because of the area. I called them trying to explain we have really tall trees and maybe that was the issue and the representative ask for my address then went to google maps and said to me that the trees were not that tall and it wouldn't cause it.

I have tall tress 60 ft or more. He offer to send someone again for the third time and I ask that the service was not working for us at this time and I would like to cancel, but for my luck It was a day after the grace period. It has been thing after thing... Over charges, they decided to sign me in for service I did not agree to then my son order a movie I called to cancel they basically said too bad...

Now we are stock with them for two years....

the service is horrible in my location, the customer service is not for the customers, and I feel a prisoner unless I come up with 300 to pay them.

if you are thinking about getting Direct TV "DONT DO IT". there are other services that are better, people friendly, and really stand by the customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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