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First of all yes i was behind on bill. One parent died just over six weeks ago and my other one two weeks later.

Due to all the flights too florida it put me behind. Got home have the kids for two weeks.

Decided to call Direct TV to straighten out some movies that i was billed for and they removed them. At that time the rep tells me the balance is 205.00 Then he says 150.00 and change can reinstore the service. the next morning i called talk to rep and said the rep last night told me i would need 150.00 then i asked her if i paid 100.00 is there anyway they could turn on and i would promise to pay the balance on the first.

She said must discuss with supervisor. After holding she came back on and said super said yes. So i was happy. put me through to the automated payment and i made my one hundred payment after having to change billing addess with another rep.

had to go to work. Came home and it did not work. Kids staying for two weeks complainning. I called and oh what i went through.

Do you know i was a direct tv customer since they came out. I slept for in a tent outside circuit city number 47 to get a system. Canceled four years ago because i went overseas. Then bought house and had direct tv installed.

I could go on the treatment i got the two hours on the phone the attitude the feeling of them saying i was dishonest and one rep saying this and them questioning me and my response back saying if that is not true how did the rep say it before because he was reading the notes. On and On. I was in shock. I own a bisuness and would never allow this.

So i have asked all my staff and friends to get rid of dish i will pay for entire new system and give them two hundred dollars each. No one should suffer the horrible treatment this company representives gave me. If any one wants details i have them written down. I am returning my system on the first after bill is paid.

What a rip off. I will never pay the early term fee it was there fault period. So far twenty three customers they are going to loose from my treatment.

It will make it a goal to tell every client i know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $421.

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Read your complaint, but I'm confused? You said you asked all of your staff & friends to get rid of "Dish"...

that's a different company. Do you mean the satellite dish..?


Yoy own a company and can't pay you bills

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