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I hate the new guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't go and start a show from beginning you have fast forward to get to the beginning where are used to be able to just go over to your program and hit your toys that says start over !

Also if you're in the middle of watching something and you have it recording and you want to go back and see what the series was you can't see that anymore!! Oh and did I say I hate this new menu perhaps you guys should've discussed it with your customers who pay hundreds of dollars for the service and was never notified that you were going to make the stupid changes so thank you for nothing !Here is.

A GREAT IDEA GO BACK TO THE OLD MENU!! Now pay me all $$$ you gave some ...........!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: New menu .

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New guide sucks. Too small.

My recordings doesn’t just let me pick an episode to watch. I don’t want to see the ones I already saw. I want to see where I was. It is impossible to use.I also had the channels I don’t watch not on my guide.

Now all channels are there.

Terrible mess. Change it back.