Buffalo, New York
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why does the programs fade out when it rains? I just been thru this *** with the snow, whats next?

do i have to go back to cable tv again, they dont lose programs signals when it rains, tired of hearing *** excuses from people that man the phones.if this problem persists i will be going back to cable. maybe the people on the phone and the installer should warn people of this problem. i never had trouble like this with the cable company.

maybe i should ralley the people i know, refuse to pay the bill and cancel out the contract. let the dish people take us to court, people in this area dont like big business from out of state taking advantage of their residents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Skurno - congratulations, you just provided everyone with Ms. Filipak's contact info which will now be handled first by mail distribution and then routed right to inbound CS mail service associates, all who get paid maybe $12-$14 an hour to sort an additional load of dead mail, thanks to you. The VP won't even see it.


I thought the info was helpful.


My direct tv goes out when it sprinkles let alone actual rain. If I am paying for the service it shouldn't go out ever.


It's pouring and the the signal is gone again. It does this when it snows too??

God I live in MN at least I don't live in the UP or Buffalo.

No where did they disclose this when I signed up. Back to cable as soon as I'm able.


Hmmm. The signal should not cut out ever.

I suggest you get the DIRECTV protection plan for 5.99 a month. You must keep it for 12 months or be charged a $10 dollar fee for opting out of the plan, I think. Then a tech will come out and check your system for no charge if support cannot help you by phone.

A service call is 50 bucks otherwise.

Regarding cable, the reason the rates keep going up is because cable companies are losing customers to DIRECTV at the rate of about 800,000 per year so the only way they can maintain revenue and profit is to keep raising rates and reducing service. Good luck with getting your money's worth with cable.


Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

I urge all DTV customers to bombard Ms. Filipiak's office with their complaints


Thanks for all this. I will stick to cable, which in the end is actually cheaper when you add on the 5.00/box fee and the promotional period is over.