Heber City, Utah
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The current problem with Direct TV and KSL is highly annoying. They need to get it worked out and provide the TV coverage that we signed up for.

We are quickly losing patience and will have to switch carriers. It does seem that they are punishing the customers rather than working out a solution for the problem. We are getting different stories from the two sides and personally I do not want to track down who is right and who is wrong. I just want them to act like responsible companies and fix the problem without any more disregard for the consumer.

We do not want to have TV that is missing at least 1/3 of the shows that we normally watch. We also like to watch KSL news and are irritated that we have been unable to see it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Channel.

Reason of review: elimination of KSL.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Directv Pros: Programming we previously had.

Directv Cons: Elimination of ksl.

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Here we are in 2019 and we have not had KSL since August of 2018--SEVEN MONTHS without the local channel I used to watch the most


This is spot on. NBC particularly both local and national news is clearly my choice.

Let’s get this back on track.

Direct TV your absolutely irritating consumers and KSL this is outrageous considering with an antenna your signal is FREE. Let’s see some common descent and both of you grow up and stop the arrogance.


Does anyone know if any progress has been made in resolving the issues between ksl and direct t.v.? Does dish provide channel 5?

If so I'm switching . This is so frustrating.


Please resolve this KSL issue!


I agree that when we signed up it included local channels. KSL and Direct TV need to value the customers.

It is the customers that give them the ranking.

An with out the customers the both would be off the air. Just give the customers the best service and the will continue to watch your station and use your service Direct TV.


I wonder how long, at the new rates, it might take Bonneville to recover the advertising revenue it has lost because of this irritating loss to consumers.


Nobody has answered 2 basic questions 1. Why should DirecTV pay for a signal that is given away for free to anyone with an antenna they are not selling the channel but the service of linking to a satellite network a satellite only has so much bandwidth available and they are not cheap to replace and 2. Why should someone in Nevada have to pay more on their bill for Utah to get their NBC


Here is the short version of the problem. KSL is free tv broadcast over the airwaves for free.

Direct TV wants KSL to allow Direct TV to sell the free tv and not give KSL a fair share of what they charge. You need to do what I did, cancel your Direct Tv and buy a $30 HD antenna.

30+ Chanel's for free.

Have Direct TV put out the facts about how much they pay similar stations in similar size markets. It's a lot more than they offered KSL.


Why should DirecTV TV pay anything for something that they give for free


We are lost without channel 5, KSL, NBC, I keep calling Direct TV and no one can seem to give me a straight answer on when they are getting it back, I am giving them a week then I am going to call Dish Network and get service through them, I live in Moroni, Utah and we love channel 5 and we will not stand for not having it, we pay over $81.00 per month for Direct TV and no channel 5 now, no NBC, they have some super shows and we love to watch the Local News as well, KSL. PLease everyone call Direct TV and complain so we can get channel 5 back on!!!!!!


You are aware that this is KSL's decision, not Directv's? KSL has decided they want more money than the others are getting paid - why?

Main problem with KSL, they are wanting Directv, thus Directv clients, to pay for something that is free with an antenna. With the internet, you can watch everything NBC has out there anyway.


I feel the same way, I have called Direct TV and no answers to my questions, keep getting the run around here, I live in Moroni, and we are lost without our KSL, channel 5. I am going to have to switch to Dish if they do not soon get channel 5 back, I can not live without channel 5, we have it on most of the day and night here, so glad someone else is upset and working to get the message to Direct TV to get channel 5 back!!!!!!

Sabrina Olson



Person from Heber - KSL is the one driving the problem. They are demanding that DirecTv pay more to air their channel, which would cause rates to increase.

Instead of raising rates, DTV has chosen not to air KSL while they work it out. I hope you have called and expressed your concerns to KSL as they are the problem here.


I agree with everything but dtv did not choose not to air they where told that they can not air until they pay the extortion


Most People don't know this put an HD Antenna on your Roof and you can get most of the Channels, You also can get Channels that Dish Network nor Direct TV offer, so in other words, they are both scamming in many ways, if People did their own Independent research you will find out that Dish Network nor Direct TV DO NOT OFFER ALL OF YOUR LOCAL Channels. I am not trying to Slander people or Companies, but I have done my Home work, and have found the findings my self, you can too, if you don't believe this information I am telling you.


Your 100% correct DirecTV even has something called the AM21 that will feed off air channels into their system guide recording everything


You don't have this luxury if you live in Wyoming.


Well let me give you the real story, the local NBC station told DirecTV you can no longer give our signal (you know the same ones they give away already) unless you pay a 110% increase to us for the right DirecTV is saying that is too much well then they pull the signal to motivate you to call DirecTV and demand they give into NBC's demands, that is what the "sheepole" are doing I live in Colorado why should my bill go up for someone in Utah or California to watch their local station people should be directing their anger at the NBC station they are the ones who pulled the station and if they give the OK it will take them 20 minutes to put it back up

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