Today I call Directv to report a775 code that shows in my TV after no signal is detected. I was transferred to an agent that told me to reset the Receiver and so forth but to no avail.

The message was "Unable to Communicate with satellite dish".

After they receive this information from me, they said that they can send a technician to look into the issue but that I have to pay them $99 since, believe it or not, I am the owner of the satellite dish.

Beware of this and other service issues like there is no signal coming when there is heavy raining outside. Also beware of the hidden contract terms that they provide disguised with a juicy offer; you will end paying $20 per each month remaining in your contract after the final day of your current month of service; that is either you like it or not.

User's recommendation: Go with an outstanding Service Provider where you can Come and Cast your decisions more wisely.

Location: Spring, Texas

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