I had a final bill of $19.80, which I paid in full, but wrote in the written part of the check nineteen hundred eighty, and they did an ACH, instead of processing the check. They should have bounced it out, as obviously it did not match what was owed.

It now had been 39 days, and every time you call, you get someone overseas, who can not understand or help you. Their pat phrase is "I understand", then they state can not get you to the billing, back in office, says takes two billing cycles, and last 4 hours on 8/4 finally they state I need to go online and place a resolve issue, and wait under 14 days.


I will never use Direct TV, AT&;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;T products again, until they improve on their customer service and bring jobs back to the USA!

They make good money and can pay a fair wage to our citizens who need jobs. Why take jobs away from Americans.

User's recommendation: stay away-run, use another service.

Location: Kirkland, Washington

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