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We are on autopay and if we get some kind of discount, they charge us that same amount that was discounted on our next months bill. So we never actually get the discount/credit that is due to us.

It even shows it on the bill! If we get a $30 credit in Feb, it shows a balance due on the March bill of that exact 30$. How is that possible??? We are on autopay, so we should NEVER have a balance forward on any bill since they are authorized to take out what we owe........This has happened every single month it's them.

If we call them they argue and say we got the credit.....so if my new bill is $134, how is my total coming out $165????? Oh because you charged me back for the "credit/discount" you gave me the month before. The "credit" of the $29.68 was for Feb overcharge and your charging me again for it. Every single month the bill looks like this: Balance forward, but again: I'm on autopay so there should NEVER be a balance forward.

And every month the balance forward is always the prior month discount. I have every bill to prove what I'm saying.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1208595

They were charging me for three of the old receivers after an HD upgrade. The tech said these are too old we can't use them and wouldn't take them back.

I finally got them to refund the money and now they want me to mail them back two years later. I was telling a couple friends at work and one had the exact thing happen to him.


I have the same issue. Tey credit it me and then re add it every month.


I believe there is a billing problem, base on # of receivers ($7.00) each one and advance service such as hd and dvr could cost up to $25.00 some customer have 1 receiver off or hd off. if you get discounts, they will apply for your next billing cycle, if you complain and ask to have them right away they will charge for default the right amount the next bill.

always keep in mind if you make changes to your bill in middle of billing period, keep in mind partial charges ( billing cycle start to new day changes). take care

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