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Update by user Feb 12, 2021

AND for today's update to this saga!As mentioned, I switched to Spectrum around the beginning of 2021. Cancelled DirecTV as stated.SO...this week of 2/8/21 I've been getting many calls listed as from Los Angeles.

I normally don't answer numbers I don't know, especially when they keep calling and not leaving messages. 1-2 times per day from these #s. So today while on another call instead of declining I hit 'answer'. It was DirecTV call center (clearly due to all the background noise).

She noted that I cancelled and they wanted to make an offer. God this is pathetic. So I notified her that I had given them multiple calls and chances and they refused to take me seriously about cancelling. UNTIL I actually cancelled.

So the whole time when I did try to explain to her my situation, she just kept talking louder and over me. This is really a clueless company.

Update by user Jan 07, 2021

Outcome obtained...EXACTLY what I thought it would be and told them prior to calling to cancel.I reached out to DirecTV via this site with no response. I called as mentioned and was misled on the credit for loss of local channels.

I attempted via Facebook Messenger and got the canned 'we understand and apologize' reply. I took a shot at their chat on the AT&T/DirecTV site. I explained and was given a 'supervisor'. This person faked ignorance of the TEGNA issue.

When I replied that he should know, he promptly flashed two replies, 1st one told me to contact the 288-**** number and immediately following stated the chat was over and cut it off. This was the most pathetic display I've seen. SOOOO...when I called to cancel again as predicted they magically conjured their "best offer" of a $71/mo rate for 1 year. In terms of the Choice package, this is only $28/mo off the rate (which has increased 14% on me over 1 year).

Plus I am sure it would've been bumped up at some point in the year, or phantom fees would get added. I told him that on two occasions I informed DirecTV I wanted a 'best offer' before it got to this point and that they promptly blew me off and did not take me at my word that I'd start shopping and probably switch if they didn't want to work on their addiction to rate increases and removing channels. So be it. I only cancel when I've already signed up with someone else, and expressed that clearly on two prior occasions.

He trotted out the old 'you can still cancel with them' line. These guys are absolutely clueless. I hope they lose another million subscribers this Quarter in addition to the $45 billion they're projected to lose on the sale.

I really, really, really do. They deserve it for treating longtime customers like ***

Original review posted by user Dec 08, 2020

Good evening,

Yesterday marks the 2nd local channel you have removed from my DirecTV lineup. First was WISH-TV (Indianapolis), and now WTHR-TV (Indianapolis).

I understand you are both pointing fingers and blaming each other, however that does not negate the fact that me--the paying customer--no longer gets either channel. In fact, you have even removed WISH-TV from the channel guide, so I'm guessing that channel will NOT come back at all?

Either way, here is the thing, you have not reduced my bill to compensate for removing two local channels from my service.

I'm to the point where I'm shopping for new TV service. I am requesting that you propose a price reduction for me, and send via email to b******@*******.com. Really, the reason I keep DirecTV is for NFL Sunday Ticket, but frankly the season is close enough to being over that I really don't care anymore.

My account number is xxxxxxxx.

What I am NOT interested in is a canned email response blaming the local network, or some other reason why you won't reduce the rate or provide some kind of credit for me. So please give me your best "keep a loyal customer" effort. You can see I've been a DirecTV customer for many years, maybe being a loyal customer is hurting me at this point as you think I wouldn't switch providers.

At any rate, please put together a reasonable offer to retain me. Because I know if I do decide to cancel, you'll get me to somebody to 'save the account' as a last ditch effort prior to cancelling anyway.

So please save us both the time and make that offer now.

Again, I'm not interested in the finger-pointing between you and the local network. When I look out my window, traffic goes both directions, meaning I don't live on a one-way I don't want to hear any of the "he said/she said" things you guys are pasting all over your respective websites.

Anyway, please feel to send that 'save the customer' offer to me at either b******@*******.com or call me direct at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing what you can do.

User's recommendation: Do not bother emailing, they have their website set up to NOT provide an email for Customer Service, for a reason. They want you to Chat via website (when I went it was a 15 minute wait just to Chat), or call direct. I ended up calling because they--of course--didn't reply. They offered a one-time credit this month of $20. Pretty sad, but I took it. I am going to call again next month. No $20, then I'm cancelling. Too many choices to be boxed in...likely by next year Sunday Ticket won't be exclusive to them anyway.

Location: Fishers, Indiana

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And they are raising their rates.


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