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i wish i would of stayed w/cable co. just become a dtv ,customer 2wks ago.

if they lose those25channels,im going back to twcable... if dtv loses those 25 channels its their fault and we got to suffer for it. the ceo is a liaer give viacom what they want on keep your customers happy. dtv makes enough money to pay viacom without monthly bill going up.

people wake up enough with companys like this getting over us the paying customers. boycoot dtv!!!!!.lets show them that were in contol of what we are paying for.if they drop those channels they'll break their contact to us. if you told them those channels were some of your favorite channels and they told you that they would have those channels for their not keeping their end of the deal. for them to listen to us we have make a point to them and show them that without us the'll go out of business...they need us more than we need them i regret leaving twcable.

tomarrow im canceling my account. how about you guys or are you going to take it?

Monetary Loss: $70.

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