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I just sat and watched a black tv screen for 30 minutes with the following error code..771- Lost Signal on Sat 2....a rain shower just came through and that was it for TV. I am sitting at my parents house who I talked out of cable TV to go with DirecTV 'cause I had it for 12 years and had no issues. Lately the signal strength is getting so low that even the smallest cloud layer cuts off the signal strength. This was never an issue with even the lower tech dishes and receivers. Seems the more "sophisticated" they get the more issues they have. I think people would be happy with less tech and better service.

Get the basics right and then add the fluff.

Second thought is the fight between sat providers and who has the most HD channels....doesn't matter how many channels of HD you have if you are transmitting 10 year old programs that were never filmed in HD? If you take an old program and send it out on HD all you do is magnify the poor quality of filming. A terd is a terd.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Yep.....states that get rain and snow WILL HAVE ISSUES!!! DirecTV signal does not go through weather as advertised or believed by people... if you live in a weather prone state ++++ DO NOT GET DIRECTV +++


You ought to see what sleet and snow does to a Satelite TV signal.....it happens every where