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We just lost our local NBC and ABC channels. We pay more than $150 per month for Direct TV and now will have to buy an antenna.

Are you people crazy. We don't pay the stations a dime, but we do pay you. Pay them what ever they want and get the stations back NOW. Or, you have lost another customer.

Not that you care. Just got off the phone with one of your ignorant customer service people. That was a huge waste of time.

Get the local channels back NOW or get this *** out of my house. Dish it TW Cable will be glad to take our money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Directv Cons: Losing local channels.

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Really missing my Fox network games. Any credit or payback planned for customers??


Sept 25, 2019: DISH TV NO LONGER HAS KTTV - CH. 11, IN LOS ANGELES EITHER. So, what the *** is happening???


We may lose ours tomorrow. Unacceptable!


We are soo pissed at our home too for now not only do we not have Fox (haven't since March of this year) now we don't have NBC! We watch NFL games ALL the time during the season.

We had to get an antanna and we are now thinking that since there are streaming places with local channels (HULU, YouTube TV, etc) we may cancel Direct TV. We have been with Dish in the past and had to deal with the same crap!

AND Direct TV customer service sucks! You can't understand them AND they never get anything accomplished -- no refunds, etc JUST report #'s --- ahhhh!


Is there any legal recourse? Been paying for those channels and not getting what we pay for?


And they say you can use an off air antenna. Hello, no antenna works in the OBX NC.


Same problem … just gave me the push I needed to get rid of this junk!


Just wait till NFL season starts and everyone's local games are blacked out. Customers will be dropping ATT/DIRECTV like crazy.


Know his you feel. There are 15-20 shows a week that I watch on CBS. Hate to have to change companies just so that I can watch my favorite shows.


ATT need to put channel 36 KXAN back on tv paying way to much per month and I have lost 100 channels but they don't care, I am not a fan of ATT now and will never buy anything from them again. They don't seem to care and I am not paying my bills to them ever they can come take my tv crap now.


if we don't get channel 7 back so I can watch golf on the weekends we are switching to DISH as soon as we can.


I've been with directv for the past 9 and a 1/2 years They told me I was Algebra for an antenna to hook up to the receiver I have now They stated that I will be receiving My antenna with no cost for being a loyal customer After a few days go by II this still have not received my antenna So I call them back And then They stating that no you do not have the right equipment for this antenna. Then I told her you guys said I had the right equipment I had the genie to the newest equipment If they don't solve this problem and pay channel 4 I will be Dropping DirecTV and going to Infinity cable..... Thank you Robert


I feel the very same way. I have been a loyal customer of Directv for over 20 years and am seriously thinking of using cable or Dish. We've been paying over 150 per month.


I ;have been with AT&T since the late 90's. I moved two and a half months ago.

I have had nothing but problems, and haven't received Anything they promised me. I only pay for television so that I can watch all of the football games. When I decided to go with Direct TV again ( I had U-Verse for 3 yr's because of trees), I told them the main requirement was that I am able to watch football. I am very stressed out with the season starting so soon.

I just signed up a month and a half ago.

I feel like I should be able to get another service for breach of contract. Please let me know if anyone has any advise.


Lost my local channels on DirecTV and paying $243 a month for it so I don't feel if that's right they need to deduct and pay us back some money for the channels we do not know longer have


You are losing customers. I watch shows on that station----but I am reaching my limit of what I can pay monthly.

I will go without Att/Direct TV if need be. You are being paid thru ads and then you want me to double pay. We live in the Sacramento Ca area and we are seeing Greed rise with you folks. We will drop content if need be.

We pay over $160 each month and it is now no longer worth it. Mega salaries also at your end must be curtailed. How many millions of people will drop out of TV altogether.....when they need to ask themselves "should we eat or get local TV stations"???? The content providers to Att/Directv need to hold their costs down----they need to "cool their jets" and provide these stations at a reasonable costs.

I started out with Cable TV at $15 and NO commercials. I can accept change but your poor management, greedy content providers and high prices will put you out of business. I am not blaming you per se, Just hold the line and do not take Content Provider's demands.

What is the end game? Force everyone to leave and for all people to get digital antennas.


are we ever going to get cbs back ughhh


you'll lose more money if direct TV pays more.... your bill goes up and you pay more to watch commercials..... intelligent thinking buddy


*** they were only going to raise our rates anyways! They make a ton of dough so a loss ain’t going to kill them!


If everyone would leave AT&T and Dish network they would get these stations back by the next morning.