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We just lost our local NBC and ABC channels. We pay more than $150 per month for Direct TV and now will have to buy an antenna.

Are you people crazy. We don't pay the stations a dime, but we do pay you. Pay them what ever they want and get the stations back NOW. Or, you have lost another customer.

Not that you care. Just got off the phone with one of your ignorant customer service people. That was a huge waste of time.

Get the local channels back NOW or get this *** out of my house. Dish it TW Cable will be glad to take our money.

Review about: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Losing local channels.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1271570

So: you want to extort them for channels they do not want to be extorted to offer? That sounds reasonable.

Honestly, direct TV is a CABLE/SATELLITE company. Offering local channels is a COURTESY. If those local channels can not agree on a contract, they will not get bought.

Ergo, you do not pay for it. If they 'pay them whatever they want' the next complaint you will be here with is they are charging too much for local channels.

Edmore, Michigan, United States #1265783

DirecTV never really was a great company. They would mess up your bill, or give crappy service, but their customer service would usually make it right.

Then at&t bought them.

At&t brought their absolutely terrible customer service along with them. Expect every negative of at&t to be imbued to DirecTV.

Kingfisher, Oklahoma, United States #1265249

I know I went to watch the Bachelor on my recording only to find an hours long message saying they are feuding with ABC! I got on the website to leave a complaint and it was a website that basically said it's not our fault sorry bout ya and there was no where to leave a comment!

Sanford, Maine, United States #1264197

directv only cares about $$$ and does not care about people

Santa Cruz, California, United States #1264122

Seriously?! We certainly pay MORE than enough for Direct TV each month and you can't pay the increase out of your deep pockets?

Stop being so greedy and get us our NBC and ABC programming back. I am more than happy to change companies if needed to not have to deal with the idiots at Direct TV

Fair Oaks, California, United States #1263917

The buck stops here! I am paying you for local channels and you are no longer providing them.

If you can't get them back..your done! Directv is soooo bad!

Mount Vernon, Washington, United States #1263914

Same here. Let's see.......football, upcoming playoffs..........why not?

Let's get together and visit that *** that made the decision.

I believe this i a "specific performance issue" as well as a "Time and Material" issue. This is another reason to get away from satellite!

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