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To whom this may concern:

I am a Direct TV customer who has been receiving poor technical service from Mainstream Cable services. I have been a Direct Tv customer for many years and have never had worse service from a technician in those years. I , Norah Taylor-Owens, have now made several consecutive appointments for the same problem. For most of my appointments, the technician did not even show up, did not call to cancel or reschedule and to my understanding told the office that we were not home. This is a major inconvenience because my husband and I have to stay home and miss work for these appointments. There was even a time, he did come, looked inside, went back downstairs, got in his truck and left. We can only assume he saw our Netflix on our living room television and assumed it was cable. However, he didn't take the time to ask. Each appointment we make for the resolution of this problem it gets worse. I make over $200 dollars per day that we miss, the problem is not solved and we still have a bill from Direct TV that we are expected to pay that is now past due for service we are not even receiving. We can't trust the technician after the third visit to be in our apartment by himself to repair the cable connection, since he has already given false statements that we were not home, when we stayed home until 6pm each visit and his office closes and stops answering lines after 5pm. So, if he doesn't show up we have to wait for the next day to make another appointment for Monday or Thursday just for him to not show up again. Direct TV will not give us a credit for our bill statement until this issue has been resolved. So far Direct TV has given us Starz and Encore free for six months and about $5 dollars off per month for a few months, which does us no good because we have no service. We have yet another appointment for Monday and customer service and their supervisors at Mainstream have been very patient, understanding and accommodating to even place us on priority, but what good is priority if the technician doesn't even show up for the appointment and doesn't give us a courtesy call. This is upsetting for any paying customer to a company who is not receiving service. We pray this issue is handled soon. Our next step is to send this email to the Better Business Bureau, our apartment management department and have a petition signed by our complex tenants to request another company signs on to the contract for our apartment complex that will provide better service.

Unsatisfied customer,

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I have a similar issue.

My community has restriction where we have to deal with mainstream communication with direct TV.

There are technical issues nonestop. They only come out fix the issue 2 times a week no weekend.

This happen on weekend and every 3 days after tech comes out.

Direct tv cannot help, it is really poor service, cannot even watch tv.


I worked there you guys it is the worst company. Supervisors tell us to lie to the customers they say tell him he will be there 30 to 45 minutes hours days even weeks pass and no tech.

Supervisors don't care at all they make stuff lie that's why I quit because i m not a good lier and I felt really bad when this old lady about 96 years old.she told me she was that old do I can send a tech sooner anyway she was 96 started crying and she started arguing and days later her daughter called screaming that her mom was in the hospital due to our poor service all my supervisors did were laugh right after the lady hung up and said oh well and continued laughing. Kensy us a "supervisor" with experience but all he is is Ashlees boyfriend she the manager. So they really don't care. That office is not professional period.

I quit I could not deal with it anymore 3 months and that's it, I think I'm a professional lier after working there. They say that low income properties anyway. Josue is a joke he said he the main one there but when people call to speak to him he tells us to tell the customers to say he's in a meeting??? When all he does is sit on his computer and tell nasty jokes.

I know that company is low class and knew I could do waaaayyyy better. Good day everyone