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my price was quoted from Direct $29.95 montly bundeled with huges net internet for $ 29.95 it is $74.99 montly for Direct Tv and $54.99 for huges net These companies are ripping off the american public and Attorney general isnt interested in helping we need a class action suit to show these guys we have laws to protect us from lieing cheating companies ,the also to money out of my bank card unauthorized leaving me to take care of overdraft charges...

buyer beware these are thieves Every time i call and try and explain problem they end up hanging up on me same at hugesnet.

these people need to be held accountable for deceptive buisness practices.where are the consumer protective people,they just tell you to hire a lawyer.With hundreds of dollar cancellation charges you cant get these Ticks out of your bank should be able to get rid of companies with deceptive buisness practices period!!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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buyer beware after talking with dtv last month the bill has gone up again no end to this nioghtmare.huges net is even worse they have figured out how to minipulate your bill so that if you dont monitor it monthly they will slip in extras x's that by all customers and you have a large amount good luck consumers your being ripped off!


Apparently there is some confusion here cause on there it just shows dtv price online, you should have been told that there are two different companies involved which means your price can vary from place to place depending on who dtv bundles with, plus you should either got email or mailed your order confirmation on what was order and for how much.


Guys,Guys.."Dtv billing supervisor" does not work for DTV! He is merely an *** that likes to irritate people with complaints about DirectTV! Ignore him.

Bozeman, Montana, United States #787887

you dont have to be to smart to figure out Direct Tvs instead of takin care of the customers who is the reason his a-- has a job .He would rather run his gums Trying to Make a customer look bad if i was your boss and i have a( high school diploma ) i could of been!your dumb *** would be down the road motors!you have to rate right up there with used car salesman.

come on up to montana we can make a believer out of your crack dealer customer service a--.even a crack dealer give ya your money back if it aint no good! so your company way below that! I GOT NOTHING BUT TIME I CAN WRITE THESE REVIEWS ALL OVER THE WEB YOU THIEVIN *** !


to badtvcop Louisville, Kentucky, United States #787890

Well its a good think you don't need to be smart because my friend you lived up to the reputation I would expect from a person from your area you can probably tell me the breed of a steer at 50 yards but if hand you a price sheet you look like I wrote it in Chinese, I took the time to go to their site like suggested and found clearly where family package is 29

to badtvcop Marietta, Georgia, United States #787893

This guy has black written all over "gimme dem gibs or I'll chipout (www . chimpout. Com)

to badtvcop Bozeman, Montana, United States #787933

well it seems your site works was contacted by direct tv and after trying to contact the president of direct tv they fixed all the things that customer service screwed up THE SQEAKY WHEEL DOES GET OIL! THANKS PISSEDCONSUMER! NOW TO DEAL WITH HUGHESNET ##@!@# :) :zzz

to badtvcop San Jose, California, United States #794228

please do, *** people.....


i do have a recording wanna hear it !you wouldnt want that would ya!

and no i am white so get back in your tree you racist ***! have you read the 3,500 bad comments on the webpage you guys are not good at customer service ,call me mister stupervisor since you claim to be in the know!! ive been hung up on to many times by your non english speacking crew!just the way ive had to resolve my customer service problems is a good indicator as to its non exeistance you guy suck volumes i am 62 yrs old i live on a fixed income so as i told your customer service peeps what i needed was bare bones tv! did you get that!

no frills no hd no extras listen to the tape i record all for training purpose's deceptive practices is the same as stealing!! my guess is i got a better chance of seeing god! your company sucks!

read the reviews decieving people doesnt make it right buyer beware!:(

to badtvcop Denver, Colorado, United States #787876

30 million customers and less then 2000 complaints you do the math if you can at 60 years old you might need to get someone who can show you with apples or something then your guardian can call up and speak like a civilized person and try and correct the error we can all see from your attitude here the kind of person you are and let me tell you OLD MAN I would want to hang up on you too with that attitude get a human to call and try not to "chimpout" maybe you can get help

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