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I have had service with directv for almost 20 years.

In April, I called for a service call to repair a Genie that was not working properly.

The box was almost full of movies that I did not want to lose.

The service tech could not repair the box so he offered me the 'new updated box' instead. As a consolation to losing all the recorded shows, an additional room mini dvr was offered. (This is the point that DTV says i agreed to a new 2 year agreement)

Today (August) I called to cancel my directv service. Not because I was dissatisfied with the service but because that they were $80 dollars a month more than the competitors offer (good for two years) for the same service.

DTV explained to me that because I took their mini dvr offer last spring, that I had agreed to a new two year agreement and would be charged $380 for termination.

After 20 years?!?!?!?

All the tech could focus on today was how to get me back as a customer. Duh! Match the price.

So go ahead DTV. Be sneaky and punitive because you couldn't get your way. I will never go back to Directv and I will blog and advise against Directv every chance I get.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $380.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Directv Pros: Good product.

Directv Cons: Poor customer service.

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Dish does the same thing, every time you upgrade equipment it's a new 2 yr agreement, has nothing to do with how long you've been a customer. Been that way with Direct & Dish for many years.


fully agree...have the same situation about bait and switch...I am seriously considering the cancelation fees- saves me headaches!


But you did agree before you are given new equipment you go to a third party verification process to confirm and it does not and should not matter that you've been with them 20 years you agreed to it so you now have 3 choices #1 finish the agreement term #2 pay the 380 #3 go to collections and watch your credit drop like a rock an a lake. This is a YOU problem not a DirecTV problem let me ask you something what make you think that your more important than the person that just signed up?

Both signed the agreement and have the same cancel fees a contact is a contact period. Thank you for choosing DirecTV