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The Direct TV service guy hooked up my replacement receiver yesterday, as per a previously made appointment. Very polite and all that. He had me sign his phone, saying it was to confirm that he had, indeed, arrived and performed the service. He then told me I would...
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Directv Receiver
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Directv in Boston, Massachusetts - Direct TV customer service stinks II

After my previous post, I realized I had one other thing that irked me about my experience with Direct TV this morning. Not one of the reps I talked with seemed terribly concerned about retaining me as a customer. The first guy followed the steps in his book. The replacement receiver they had sent me was not designed for HD cables and that is what I had connected to it ... so it must be the cables. He refused to accept the logic that the receiver had worked for months and months and only now had quit. When I asked for his supervisor, he was mostly polite, until he had to add "I am connecting you to the supervisor who will repeat what I told you" ... I told him, I sure hoped not ... After my unsucessful exchange with the supervisor, I asked to cancel the service. He promptly transferred me over. Even the cancellation person ... you would think someone along the line might be concerned that they were about to lose a 2-3 year customer ... Nope. She recited the same manual. If there are any entreprenuers out there, there seems to be a huge opportunity for a company who actually cares about their customers and whether or not they are satisfied with the service ...
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Directv Receiver

Directv in Boston, Massachusetts - Direct TV customer service stinks

Three months ago our Direct TV receiver died. We got a new one from them (refurbished), but it was not HD. Not a problem, we do not use HDTV service. THings were fine for months. Today the TV says "low digital signal" ... so I called, did all the recommended re-sets, and finally spoke to a customer service rep who told me it was the HD cable we were using to connect to the TV (it is not compatible with the receiver) I explained that things had been fine for months, so it was unlikely that the cable was the issue. When the only fix he could offer was for me to drive to Radio Shack to buy a new cable, I asked to speak with a supervisor. 35 minutes later, I explained this all again to the supervisor. After he too insisted it must be the cable, I again explained that did not make sense since it had worked for MONTHS and had been fine. He then went to look things up (another 10 minutes) and came back and said that I would need to go to Radio Shack to buy some kind of a converter. I then explained to him that I was the CUSTOMER, not the repair person. I could not quite grasp why I needed to go out and buy the equipment to repair their equipment. It took a while for him to grasp that concept. He left again and came back. This time, he cam and offered to send a repair person. Good, I thought. But then he went on to insist that this was a big exception to policy and that I had not purchased repair insurance for $49.95 and they would not warantee the work. I tried not to lose it as I again explained to him that I am a CUSTOMER and I am buying a service and I will go to another vendor if the service stinks. I am beyond the discount period and have been paying full price for quite a while. I expect that there will be service provided, not that I have to pay extra. He did not understand that, so I asked to cancel my service. Even the cancellation person did not get it. Customer. Buying a Service. I do not expect to pay for it over and over. Use HULU Use Library
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