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Directv in Worcester, Massachusetts - Direct tv

bills are never consistent.always calling in to have it changed.they tell you 1 thing and the bill ends up another.i get 1 rep that says the bill will be 1 price and another rep saying we can't do that.they lock you in on a contract to screw with you.i got a answer of we provide service but not the can change read the fine can you when your on the phone signing up.this company is as bad as verizon wireless.dealing with these idiots is useless and you get nowhere
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Directv in Worcester, Massachusetts - Direct TV LIES!

Direct TV lied to me. I was told my credit card would only be used for the initial charge, instead they put it on the account and enrolled me in auto bill pay! Due to the charge I ended up with overdraft fees. When I complained, the supervisor called me a liar! These people have the worst customer service skills in the country! I asked that they review there "quality assurance" tapes, but they wouldn't do that either! They don't care the sales forces LIES! I will never do business with them again. When I get the $480 cancel fee I am going to rip out their equipment and they can shove it!
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On 3/31/11 by mother stopped by my house and asked if she could use my credit card to pay the initial set up fee to Direct TV as she wished to have their dish installed at her house. We called the company from my house, and after a very long process we had things set...
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directv stole money from someone that they have no contract with. they did the same thing to me.

I dont need to take it up with their customer, they need to find and bill their customer. Its not my problem if they make bad decisions who to provide service for. I am not responsible for other peoples bills. If I paid with western union they would not have stole money from western union to cover their customers bill.

If I paid with a money order they would not have stolen their fees from the money orders bank. and if I paid cash they would not have taken more money out of my wallet. But they have it all setup where they can steal from credit cards and debit cards. they need to go find their customers and stop stealing money from people they have no contract with.

anyone who supports them is supporting liars and thieves. think about that before you say anyone owes anything so someone else should have to pay.

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Directv ripoff and runaround

Directv has doubled charged for NFL Sunday Ticket. They refuse to provide me statements saying that since I chose the green option and pay via my own bank, that I can't see it and they won't provide them to me unless I go ungreen. Of course I had to call them to do this since they did not allow it online. They then try to bribe you with a $10/month six month freebie. They don't address your issues in writing but call you to keep it out of print. Deceptive, sleazey, liars. You would think after so many lawsuits and compliants that they would change but instead, they do not. They have institutionalized their deceptions.
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Directv in Worcester, Massachusetts - Direct tv

Mayed appoint to install - for a Monday took time off from work to do this - Sunday before installation the left a voice message advising that the installation was for Tuesday - I was not able to talk to any one tell Monday Morning and they told me that it was on for Tuesday - So that is bad service to start so I cancelled further I will kept Charter and cancel everthing from Verzion because they sell Direct TV - When I e-mailed them there response was well you have already cancelled your account and so they had no comments by customer service
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