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Directv in Minneapolis, Minnesota - COMPLAINS ABOUT MY DIRECT T.V. SERVICE

Hi Matthew and Kent, I am just furious. I WANT TO CANCEL THE ENTIRE ORDER AND GO BACK TO DISH. I have had it. I called technical support and talked with a very irritable man by the name of Jeff from the Okalahoma office. He talked me through a trouble shooting routine only to find out that I need a new black box in the basement because the one I was sent DOES NOT WORK. He was smug rude through out the whole process. Once he realized that the problem was the box, after I had read the serial number to him so that he knew this was the box connected with my account, he refused to replace the box. He claimed that my name was not on the account. Never mind that I was on the phone from 10:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. yesterday and that my name was on the account he would not replace the box. See; ORDER NUMBER 14838999 FEB 28 I was calling from the telephone number on the account. I was obviously trouble shooting both TV's in the house Scott installed the equipment in, so I was at the location where the equipment was installed. He still refused to replace the box. I WANT TO CANCEL MY ORDER. I have been having nothing but equipment problems from the time the equipment was installed. One of the reasons why Direct T.V. has such a bad reputation is because of the nonsense we have to deal with, as it has to do with contacting your company. Example: I was told today by KHARAH LKC3117 that she would not replace the box and further more she would not transfer me to Matthew White or Kent Whitehead because she claimed that she had no way to contact them. She had no idea where they worked or what they did for Century Link, even though she had the ORDER NUMBER 14838999 FEB 28 in front of her. I am going to send this and finish this Email later I just received company. To be continued. 4:57:51 PM I am back again Matthew. I told KAHRAH LKC3117 that I had just spoken with Kent Whitehead yesterday ORDER NUMBER 14838999 FEB 28 who assured me that the account was placed in my name but it apparently hadn't. It would seem that only the telephone has been placed in my name. Both Jeff from Okalahoma and KHARAH LKC3117 were able to open the Order Number and still they would not connect me with Kent Whitehead who had put my name on the account yesterday, claiming that they did no know who he was, or what department or location he worked at. Furthermore they would not send me a replacement black box that did work. The equipment is in my home, the Seriel numbers are correct to my account, the telephone number I am calling from is on the account at the residence where the equipment was installed and Jeff knew that the black box was not working because he trouble shot the problem with me and still NO ONE WILL SEND ME A REPLACEMENT BOX. It is obvious that Direct T.V. operates a very defunct system of compartmentalized cells of people who have no idea what is going on, who is doing what, when and why. None of them have the ability to connect me with the right source even though I have their names and Email addresses because I have been communicating with them on the phone and online. My daughter who originally put the account in her name wants to cancel the account but because she will be penalized for doing it I decided to roll the account over to my name, so that I would be the responsible person and that process has taken HOURS OF MY PRECIOUS TIME AWAY FROM ME AS I AM TRIPPED THROUGH AN OBVIOUSLY DEFUNCT SYSTEM OF DEPARTMENTS WHO HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO CONTACT EACH OTHER AND FRANKLY DON'T SEEM TO CARE. IN THIS CASE MATTHEW I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU. YOU WERE THE LIGHT IN THE DARK TUNNEL FOR ME YESTERDAY. I will not put my daughter through this kind of nonsense, which is why I am doing it for her. She is in college works a full time job as a manager and has children. She does not have hours to spend on the phone being jockeyed around by this in competent system of cells of people where the RIGHT HAD DOES NOT KNOW WHAT THE LEFT HAND IS DOING OR WHO THEIR LEFT HAND EVEN IS. I even went upstairs and called her on my cell phone and put the two phones together so Jeff could talk to her but he claimed that he could not hear her. I asked Jeff to pick up his telephone and call my daughter then so she would have to deal with the nonsense of calling into a canned message system that brings her NOWHERE FAST. I asked for his extension and he wouldn't give it to me. I asked for his telephone number yet all he would give me is the general number. Now nearly 3 months have gone buy while Direct T.V. is over charging us, failed to supply us with working equipment and gives us an unending run around when we did call. I want the contract made null and void or I will report this to the Better Business Bureau and to everyone else I can contact. I WILL NOT DEAL WITH A COMPANY THAT IS THIS DISJOINTED AND UNPROFESSIONAL. I WILL ALSO BILL DIRECT T.V. FOR MY TIME AND EFFORT AND THE 3-MONTH'S OF SERVICE USING THEIR BUNDLED PACKAGE WHICH INCLUDED EQUIPMENT THAT WE DID NOT ORDER THAT DOES NOT WORK AND NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. THE ORDER WAS INCORRECT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. I WAS HERE WHEN SCOTT INSTALLED THE EQUIPMENT AND COULD TELL FROM THE GET GO THAT WHAT WAS INSTALLED WAS NOT WHAT WE ORDERED. I SIGNED THE WORK ORDER MYSELF SCOTT (INSTALLER) COULD DO NOTHING AT THE TIME BECAUSE THIS IS THE EQUIPMENT THAT HE WAS TOLD TO INSTALL. RIGHT OFF THE BAT WHEN MY DAUGHTER HEARD THE MONTHLY CHARGES SHE WAS FURIOUS BECAUSE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SAVING MONEY USING DIRECT T.V. NOT BEING CHARGED MORE THAN THE SERVICE I HAD PREVIOUSLY HAD. Matthew I am sending this letter to you and Kent because I have no idea who to send it to and KHARAH LKC3117 did not give me this information. All she kept saying is that I have to have my daughter call to put the bills in my name, which Kent had already done yesterday. FOR ME TO HAVE THIS BUNDLED BILL IN MY NAME THE COST HAS BE BELOW 70.00 a month and I know you know that as we discussed the $39.99 and $19.99 bundle I wanted yesterday for cable and internet which came to a total of $65.98. I understand that you can't change the bundled amount and that I have to talk to SOMEONE ELSE BUT HOW LONG WILL THAT TAKE, HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL I BE TRANSFERRED TO AND IN THE END WILL IT BE WORTH MORE TIME AND EFFORT ON MY PART TO GO IN MORE CIRCLES AND WIND UP SLAMMBED AGAINST ANOTHER BRICK WALL? THIS HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!! I need you to give the Email address of the complaint department and customer service so that I can send this Email cancellation, complaint and request on to them. I need a telephone number for these departments as well so that I don't have to stumble through the 1 "" 800 - 531-5000 system. I tried to get their today but KHARAH LKC3117 would not put me through and it was obvious that she was NOT THE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT OR CUSTOMER SERVICE. It was obvious that she was yet another underling. Sincerely, Fed Up,ORDER NUMBER 14838999 FEB 28ACCOUNT NUMBER:
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