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I had puchase a 4k Samsung 65' curve tv in 2014, in a recent email sent to me by Directv,it had mentioned the exciting news of its new 4k Genie box so I may get the full portentional viewing from my set. I called to make more inquirie, and during my call, I was never told that my Samsung model needed to be "Directv 4k ready" for it to work with the main box as appose of a mini Genie, not a big deal,but I would have like to know going in prior to making the exchange.

I was also not informed that there would be a added cost for 4k viewing(ten dollars and only 3 channels). Without this information, I went ahead and made the change. The "professional installers" arrived within the alloted time and proceded to remove my old equipment and install the new 4k box. After the installation, somehow the insatller managed to cause my Bose surround system and universial remote not work properly, after admitting some embarrassment, he amitted that he didn't know what he had done to cause this issue.

After nearly 3 hours of toubleshooting, he manage to get sound system to work but I lost some use on the universal remote and the sound system. After the technician had left,I called Directv to informed them of my unsatifaction with all that had happened and I wanted someone to me help put the remote and sound system back to the it was prior to installation. After many calls and being pushed for department to department, I was informed that Directv was not responsible for any damage done to the homeowner equipment. Needless to say, I was shock with their reponse, and this was after I informed them that had been a loyal customer since 2001 and I had subscribe to just about all of their available progamming including the NFL ticket.

I was truly a fan of Directv for many years and now I am concidering my options. It's really too bad!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv 4k Ultra Hd Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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same here but i didn't know that ultra 4k had been around since 2014! i thought it just came out!

i bought a 2 vizio 4ks' for me and my mother and was told by direct tv that i would lose u-verse and wi-fi off my tv and there were only 3 channels in 4k off their genie box! i was also told that my recorded programs would be wiped out.

why upgrade for something that is pay per view and your cable bill would cost more per month? i decided to cancel the installation!