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Last week I responded to an ad that I got in the mail from Direct TV. The ad clearly stated that HD TV would be free.

I clearly told the person on the phone that I wanted one HD receiver and one standard receiver. She quoted me a price of 34.99. Today the dish and receivers were installed but we had no HD. I called a rep from Direct and they told me that they would not honor our original agreement of 35.99 and I would have to pay for "free" HD.

They offered me a n $80 credit to "offset" their mistake. That still doesn't make up for free HD for two years. I refused the offer and told them to have it disconnected. .

She also informed me that I would be out the 22 dollars that I payed for "free" instillation. I cannot understand how a company can spent money installing a system (they are leaving the dish) , paying postage and loosing a 2 year agreement worth hundreds of dollars just to save $ 10 dollars a month.I am planning to complain to consumer groups and Clark Howard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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I too was told by salesperson that HD was included free with my package. I have spent over an hour on the phone trying to straighten it out, without success