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We ordered DTV in July. When it was installed (it was supposed to be free),we were charged for installation on the first bill.

Concurrently,we did not get what we were promised in the "deal". We complained about this, as we only got what we were promised after calling and complaining. The first bill came for $92.00. The second bill was $108.00.

We had 10 days of what we ordered, and we were complaining about being charged for installation. We didn't pay the first bill immediately, as we had not been satisfied with the service, and were talking with some yo-yo who gave us the run-around. Meanwhile, Direct TV turned the service off. They said in an e-mail that they were going to charge us for back payments, and the cost of getting out of the 2 year contract the amount of $339.00.

They took $359.00 from the debit card used to "just check if the account worked ,charging $40.00, and then putting it back into my account. What a scam. These people just wanted to have a way of getting paid for their very poor service and business practices. I am the card holder, and I was not on the contract .

Does this sound fair? I have been robbed by Direct TV, and the government lets this company continue to operate this shameful businessand to defraud unsuspecting consumers. They wouldn't talk to me, as I wasn't on the contract, but they were able to take my money. I am disabled and get only $974,00 per month from the VA.

What will I do for food?

Do tgese people even care? I don't think so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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I am disabled to but they didn't tell me about the 24 month contract that you have to sign with them. The service wasn't that good to begin with and well I wanted to cancel because I moved and service wasn't allowed where I was so now I don't know what to do.


You said you are disabled, and the bank allowed them an unauthorised billing to your account? Your bank should know where your money comes from and if it is ungarnishable due to being life subsistancy money.

Also, have you filed a complaint with your states Attorney General's office. It works you know, Sears decided to follow their agreement after I filed with my states AG.