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Customer By Web Form (JM - 03/30/2011 12:33 PM

Get my first bill and it is $38.58 higher than price quoted. Your explanation that discounts don't start till month 2 thru 13, and we bill in advance, and oh by the way the 2nd free receiver is not really free it's $6 extra per month. I wonder if you recorded the call I ordered the service on and could explain why none of the above was mentioned. Being a business owner I cannot explain how angry I am at this type of nonsense. You just cost yourself any extention of my business. And I will be sure to let everyone I know to avoid your predatory practices as well. All this could have been avoided If the original sales associate was properly trained. Maybe you should look up lifetime value of a customer. You just cost yourself one for lousy $110.58.


Their lame response:Response (Claudette S. - ) - 03/30/2011 04:31 PM

Dear Mr. M

Thanks for writing. I understand your concern about the cost of your DIRECTV bill. For further assistance about your commercial account, our DIRECTV Commercial Customer Service Center should be able to help you with your request. Please call them at 1-888-388-4249 any time, 24 hours a day.

Thanks again for writing.


Claudette S.

Employee ID# D

IRECTV Customer Service

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It's funny you were dropped considering they say they can't hang up!!


I can not even list all of the BS direct TV put me through! Their biggest fraud is offering a $100 visa card.

But you won't get it after the 3rd bill as they promise, it takes dozens of calls, talking a sevral "supervisors" and when it finally came in the mail (6 months later) there was only $60 on the card!!

They are a scam and I can't stand them. Too bad my brother in law works for them (installer) but their customer service sucks and they lie, over and over again!


Spoke with two customer service reps and then was misteriously dropped when transferred to a supervisor.