I unknowingly called their movers number listed on their website and ended up being hassled and harassed for about 45 minutes from ADT trying to sell me home security. I explained i wasnt interested numerous times and instead of being transferred back to DIRECT TV I was hung up on.

Then they called me back telling me I was pretty much *** for not accepting their wonderful offer. DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER. 1-800-388-6683. I never have had a problem with direct tv until this.

I am extremely unhappy that they advertise this and put it on their website.

I was simply looking to change service addresses. save your self the hassle and call their direct line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I just did the same thing. The first guy hung up on me after telling me about ADT.

Stupidly thinking we got disconnected, I called back! The second individual was 10 times worse.

I complained to ADT and Directv next.

Why would they associate with such rude, disgusting people who request your personal information knowing they are not the people you meant to call. I feel sick.


Their number is 1-888-388-6683. Not 1-800

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