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I have been a customer of Directv since its beginning and have really enjoyed the variety of music and selection titles. Recently I attended a "Hot Rod Classic Car Show" and while visiting with a few of my "Hot Rod" buddies the subject of old rock n roll music came up and their discontent with the new programing format on channel # 802 "Malt Shop Music".

I must admit that I'm just as upset about the lack of any music from the 50"s as they are and will soon be cancelling my subscription to Directv as they have done. Apparently you have replaced the person in charge of selecting the music for # 802 with a person that has no appreciation for "Doo Woop", "Rock A Billy","Folk" or any other "Golden Oldies"> If I wanted to listen to 60's music I would listen to # 803 or # 804 for 70's. Hasn't this person ever heard of Buddy Holy, Gene Chandler, Teen Queens, Jimmy Clanton, Classics, Patsy Cline, Bobby Vee, Dale & Grace, Danlers, Danny & The Juniors, Bobby Darin, *** & DeeDee, Sammy Turner, Mark Dinning, Don & Jaun, Ray Peterson, Ral Donner, Dovells, The Dubbs, Duprees, Tommy Edwards, Elegants, Gene Vincent,Scott English, Johnny Tillotson, Roy Orbison, Little Anthony, Skyliners and Bobby Helms. Just check and see what's being played.

One can only take so much of The Momma's & Poppa's.

Please go back to the good old "Roch n Roll" music that one could find on Molt Shop # 802.

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i am 74 and dj back then now aim faking taking 803 of my tv


I am a Hugh fan of all the oldies but have to say the malt shop channel 802 plays the same songs over and over. Love them but really would like some variety.

I know them in order now. Please throw some new ones in.

You have lots to pick from. Cox did have a great oldies.


I listen to 802 while cleaning my house on the weekends and I notice the same song set plays over and over and over every day, every weekend. I can pretty well predict the songs and I'll hear several songs in a certain order in the morning only to hear the same songs in the same order shortly after lunch and then the same exact songs in the same order in the afternoon and so on.

I would like to hear a bigger variety of songs on this channel.

I just switched to Directv about a year ago. Previously, I had Dish for many years and the 50's channel on Dish had a much larger variety of songs.


Crybaby!! I like everyone else LOVES all the oldies!!!!