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I have had direct Tv in my house for 2 years now and I have to say while I like the channel selection alot I can't stand the fact that it is very, very unreliable in that it cuts out very often. As in daily.

There are certain stations that i can almost never watch because of this. More importantly when calling direct Tv to complain about this problem i get the usual *** responses, power off the reciever etc.

If i want someone to come and look at the disg to check the problem i have to pay which is straight up ridiculous. The only reason i haven't cancelled is because as bad as it is it's still a million times better than the cable company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I have the protection plan and they told me it’s on there end there is a problem with the wireless boxes so if I want someone to come out I have to pay that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard I’ve been with them forever and I’m ready to move on I spend more time trying to get mine to work it just not worth my time anymore


Hi. Mine would cut out for two seconds at a time about every ten to twenty seconds. The problem seemed to go away by going to >settings>display>video>native set to ONSo far that has fixed the problem for me.


My direct tv goes out every day almost every channel is out for at least 2 hours per day. This happens always between 11am-3pm.

Now all 4 boxes in my house either say no signal or lag behind for minutes after changing channels. I never had this problem with cable.

@DirectTV sux

I’ve had the same problem also,at about the same times also


Directtv is a rip off. Station go in and out sick of it. Time to dump your over priced crap.


Ours is doing the same thing. I thought it was the card with the chip in it because it looks burned.

The guy on the phone in India or wherever doesn't speak English acted like that couldn't be the problem.

Then the tech said it was the fuses in the attic, so he changed them. I'll never have one of their techs come to my house again, so I plan to cancel and get Sling if my husband will set up an antenna for our local stations.


Mine cuts out at nite about every two minutes for about 3-4 seconds. Very annoying.

I love direct tv in the day.. At night and in storms, forget it!!!

@angry woman

Strange my works fine at night but cuts out during the day. Im in the southern California area

@angry woman

Mine does the same thing and we are sick of it too. We will go back to Comcast and pay the early cancellation fee which is only $140.00


We got direct tv HD last spring and what a Pain.In the summers we use the receivers at our camp & it cuts out at nigh all the time for about 3 -4 seconds on our local channel CBS out of Buffalo n,y,. We brought them back down to the house in the winter and they (both receivers do it here too.

Iv called about 8 times since we had them put in at camp last spring and they cant figure it out. I had to buy the service plan as they wanted to charge me a service call to fix their equipment. I didn't want to but i did. In the last 3 months they have been here 2 times and also contacted our local CBS station that it cuts out on at action moments ( you miss the good stuff)They called me back th eother day saying its nothing with them or the local cbs.

Guess im missing something here. You pay good money for it, and they say its not them, or my equipment or local CBS and cant do anything!

Its there service ,and they should be able to find the problem & fix it.Anybody have theirs go out for about 2 - 4 secs or more(sound & pic), Its only on our local CBS that does it. the units say HD 24 100 on the inside door where the card goes.Myemail is Thanks Rick


PS: To check the signal, look for a "System Setup" menu on your DVR. (It's probably something like this). It may interrupt your recording, so run the test when your DVR isn't recording a show.

I hope this helps!


It sounds as if you don't have enough SIGNAL. Check the signal strength on all of the 32 transponders.

Most of them should be 80% or above. If you have trees or bushes blocking the dish, you'll lose the signal.

Or if the dish antenna is not pointed correctly at the satellite the signal can be weak. Trees can be pruned and the dish can be refocused by a technician.



If you have the protection plan you shouldnt have to pay for a sc call everyday to report the issue and they will eventually send you a tech to see what problem is. I work for tech support so I know theis to be true i deal with cm every daya dn after the 3rd complaint anda request to speak to a sup they will set you up with a sc if you have protection plan.