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According to their web page, "at DIRECTV, excellence isn't just a goal. It's a promise. We are defining the best TV experience in the world through a compelling mix of content, technology and service." This philosophy and all of those outrageous claims may be true on paper but it is far from my experience as a new and currently disgruntle customer (on the *** of cancellation).

Yes it's true. Initially, I started out happy with the entire arrangement but the DTV experience managed to sour all of this good will to the point that I am now fed up and wish to cancel my service, obtain 2 recovery packs and send you your satellite boxes. In fact, that is what I am asking for. Obviously, I am not happy with DTV, but how did I get here?

Today, I called customer service again due to yet another unexplained service outage. The system just died on me. To me, this was just another routine call to a number that I've dialed so many times to describe too many problems that I know the number by heart! I explained to the rep that I watched TV for a brief period in the morning and turned it back on in the afternoon but only got the "searching for signal strength" prompt. Without warning or any prep, that rep simply transferred me to another. So, I explained my situation to that person all over again. She then connected me to "Luke," a supervisor to whom I retold my situation. He ended up telling me that I had to pay a technician to fix the equipment that DTV installed. I explained to him that I did nothing wrong. Why should I pay anything on faulty equipment that malfunctioned in just 6 months?

This just one of many issues I have with DTV. When periodic service laps motivate me to place reluctant customer service calls, the technicians seem to be relatively unskilled not only in technical matters but matters of customer service as well. They are often rude, short tempered and just plain wrong about the corrective information they provide. One didn't even speak the language very well. Can you imagine trying to explain a technical problem to someone who English is their second language? It makes me wonder how any one on earth can buy into this "promise" philosophy or any of the boasting described on your web page. Clearly, my experience shows that your staff does not.

I have been a customer of several TV service providers over many years. However, I have NEVER experienced so many technical, logistical and service problems as I have with DTV. The problems ranged from no shows installation techs (the first red flag - looking back), to rude, untrained customer service staff (including so called managers), technical service reps devoid of any appreciable technical expertise, faulty equipment, unreliable service and to top it all off, lousy programming!

The second red flag was the price. Initially, I was sold a package that was to cost $32.67 after staff and a sales representative crunched all the numbers. This was significantly less than what I was currently paying another service provider. Based on this data, I made a purchase decision. However, one month later when the bill arrives it's for nearly $50.00. Now, you don't have to be a practitioner of Euclidean geometry to recognize this numbers game. It's the old bate and switch. I was lured in by the promise of great service at an unbeatable price only to end up with neither. When I contacted customer service, no one knew anything about that offer and the sales person was no where to be found. That turned out not to be surprising since your company has outsourced call centers to India, the Philippines and other regions. It seems that much of the operations are subcontracted to all types of individuals under various conditions.

Obviously, had I known that these types of tricks were being used I would have never signed up with your company. When searching for the appropriate word to describe my exposure to the "DTV experience," only one comes to mind - horrendous!

According to your webpage however, DTV offers great technology and services to its customers. That's the spin. The reality is that you are not even providing consistent substandard services. The key word is consistent. In fact, what I've experienced is nothing short of a breach of contract as DTV has consistently failed to honor its own boastful, grandiose claims dealing through dishonest business practices as it doled out inept, crude and horrible service on many levels.

Personally, I know several customers who are not too happy with what DTV is actually providing. In fact, a casual search online reveals a plethora of DTV complaint pages noting the same types of complaints contained in this letter. If you do this search, you will read countless customers complaints about shoddy services, rude managerial staff, numerous unexplained service outages, inconsiderate and untrained customer service personnel, unreliable equipment, extended hold times during calls, etc, etc, etc... Has anyone from this company dared to take a look? Does anyone at this company really even care enough to look?

I don't understand how your company can make such outrageous claims and then not even meet basic customer's expectations. It's not that you've lowered the bar on the provision of even basic customer and technical services, you've actually dropped it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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I was contemplating on writing a letter to Direct TV - and would have been almost a word for word copy of what you are saying.. But I can tell that it won't be worth it.


Awful Service, worst experience of my life. They have $360.00 of mine due to an employee telling me to send in my eqipment for a reduced monthly charge since I was not using my service.

When they received my equipment they charged me a cancellation fee and will not reverse the charge unless I sign up for another 2 years???? SO unethical and morally wrong.


Please help me with my account.


I've tried sending letter to Michael White CEO of Directv,regarding erroneous charges to my acct. Unfortunately I got the runaround with the Greenwood Village,CO.address, is there another address where correspondence can be sent directly to the CEO's office? thx in advance


I called DTV to take advantage of the Bundle deal with tv, phone, internet for what I thought was a good deal. The first salesperson told me one low price and then a second told me a higher price.

I agreed b/c I was assured I would still save money on the internet/phone end. That proved to be wrong. After I signed up for service, a few days later, I was informed that I do not qualify for a bundle discount. DTV gave one reason and AT&T gave me a different reason.

Either way this is false advertising using the classic bait & switch. Absolutely disappointing for what I thought was a company that had cleaned up their act from many years ago when they did me dirty before.

Unacceptable. I have filed numerous complaints and am currently writing a letter to the president & CEO.


I signed uo for service and with in the first weekmy service went out 3 times. The after about 10 days it stopped entirely.

I called to have someone come out and fix it and waited but they never showed up. When I called the next day to find out what happened I got a snotty women who said they have no record of me calling and needing someone to come out.

I called AT&T who I was suppose to be bundled with and they said Direct TV disconnected me. I didnt know why but they said sometimes they have a hard time providing signal to a certain place.

\Then a month later I get a bill for the whole month. When I called to tell them I have not had service they kept repeating their records show I still do. I asked them to send someone out to see for themselves but they just said their records show I do and that they will disconnect me and I must pay the disconnection fee. I said I am not cancelling but you guys disconnected me.

They just kept repeating that they will disconnect me and I will pay the fee.

I am still fighting them on this a year later. I will never pay this fee. I never cancelled. I wanted service and have since been with Dish and have no problems and I never miss a payment.

So clearly I was willing to pay for service.

I am still fighting them on this 500 dollar fee. They have been a nightmare.


I never write complaints over the internet, but this has been the worse service I've ever had. Now I am binded to them for two years.

The technitians are rude, the local customer service department are far than rude.

The only people that were actually friendly were the reps that wasnt in the area. The local directv wants to charge me to fix even though I have the protection plan.


My experience with Directv has been great. I have had the service for 10yrs,they upgrade by equipment every 2 years for free, Give me free 3 months of HBO on my birthday, and the few mistakes they have made in billing were corrected ASAP.

I have a signal issue due to a tree but only in the spring and summer and they are channels i don't watch. No big deal.


Thank you for the mailing address. I, for one, will be using it.

I have not had as dire an experience as many here have expressed, for which I am thankful. As someone else wrote, I enjoy my DTV service as long as nothing goes wrong. Unfortunately, when the equipment does malfunction, it's nearly impossible to actually GET to a human being to begin with (I've spent nearly an hour and a half this morning to no avail), and even when I do, they are rarely helpful. It's just entirely too painful to resolve even simple issues.

If I treated my customers this way, I'd be out of business, but I guess that's why they have us sign those predatory service agreements.

They're not being held accountable, financially, in any way for failing to deliver. It's sad, because they do have a great product...when it works.


we have ha direct v for years now.we always pay our bill on time and have never had any problems until now.the past 2-3months my bill has been messed up. well on 4/2/10 my husban and i calld to make our ususal payment.

we used our credit card as we always do.well,theyhad us on an autopay.that we NEVER signed up for.then whenwe made our payment a "manager" took our paymnt and gave us a confermaion number.and said our bill as all caught up.well on 4/11/10 we went to order a my shock the system said my billwas now 430.00 past due.when i called the next dy t find out what was going on.i got told that my payment was never put on my account,the confermation number i got was from a payent we made in August of 08.and the "manager" id number did not exist. so my service willbe turned off on the 18th if i do not pay another bill of 220.00 then have to turn around and pay another 210.00 bythe 28th just to keep my service.well i will not do that.we work hard for our money and the person we spoke to that night stole my money off of my card.plan an simple.there is no other explanation for it.h stole what i am seriously thinking about doing is pulling my sevice and going to dish network. they are cheaper and quoted me a real good price to switch.i dont wat to but i have o choice because i refuse to repay a payment that know i have already paid.and it is on my credit card somebody needs to fix this or i will pull service and report this matter to the proper people i need to. if you wsh to talk wthme about this i would greatly appreciate that.

my number is 803-457-5456. thank you.

and i hope yll can fix this before pull my service,and i willnot reccamend yall to anybody. my email is


It is really a shame that Directv acts this way. They do have everything needed to make us love them (multi-room DVR being the latest cool addition to their repertoire of nice features), but their customer service and support are so inconsistent that it really hurts them. If you call five times with the same question (I have), you may get 4 different answers, ranging from pure nonsense to complete greatness. It's a disservice to their good people indeed that the bad ones mock us with their lack of knowledge. But who knows which rep was right? You'll only know by the time you get next month's bill, unfortunately.

In any case, their policy of resetting your "customer commitment" every time you want to change anything, from adding a new receiver to modifying your packages is very upsetting (yes, that commitment they have towards you has to be fully retributed in the form of a binding contract).

I can only hope AT&T U-verse contines kicking Directv's b as they have been, as I also hope DTV will wake up and react before the other guys eat their lunch.

All in all, I love the service and features, as long as I don't have any issues that force me to call them.


DirecTV has got have to have the most retarded customers ever from reading the complaints here. Everything is given to you in your customer agreement that YOU signed.

You are an adult. Take responsibility for your own actions. They even tell you repeatedly about these sort of things when you call them to get service.

Get your head out of your *** and listen and pay attention. GROW the *** up people.


You people are pathetic, paranoid and are probably liberal Democrats that think everyone should get everything for nothing as well. For anyone that thinks that all businesses are out to get you I would encourage you to get professional help immediately before you kill again. While occasionally one of you may have been victim of an error or perhaps even an intentional act of deception for the most part most of you are simply clueless or qualify as perpetrators of fraud yourselves.

A company the size of DIRECTV has a legal department the size of a small Midwestern town that advises them on every policy and practice that they employ. Now I'm not saying that there are no instances of an individual that works for DIRECTV misleading a customer, intentionally or unintentionally. But as a corporate entity DIRECTV has everything to lose by setting policy and engaging in practices that are detrimental to its bottom line. The only way to avoid attrition is keep the customers you have happy so they will tell others.

DIRECTV has about 18 million customers and they continue to grow. Apparently most of those 18 million are pretty well satisfied because DIRECTV has been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for 9 years running. If they were p-i-s-s-i-n-g (Funny isn't it, that a website that is called Pissed Consumer won't let the word *** be used in posts. Pretty hypocritical.) off even 1% of their customers there would be about 180,000 people or so that should be posting on this site yet there is only a handful. Now of the 18 million or so people who are DIRECTV customers they are either 18 million of the stupidest people on the face of the Earth or the less than 1% who claim to have been duped are. Which is it? My money is on the 180,000 or less.

DIRECTV agents are trained for 2 weeks before they take a single call. Then they go through another 2 weeks of On-The-Job training under the watchful eye of trainers. And once they are allowed to take calls without extremely close supervision they are subject to frequent monitoring to ensure that they deliver a quality consumer experience. Every call an agent takes is recorded and archived. They are required to quote accurate pricing based on what they are told by the prospective customer. If the customer attempts or does provide inaccurate information in an attempt to get service or discounts they are not entitled to how does the DIRECTV or one of its agents have responsibility for inaccurate pricing or information that could result. Agents are required to inform all customers that they are leasing, not buying equipment and upon termination of services the equipment must be returned to DIRECTV or the credit or debit card that they provided when they became a DIRECTV customer would be charged for the cost of the equipment. Customers are told to review their 1st bill and the Customer Agreement that is included carefully and to keep both for their records. New customers are told the length of their agreement and if they break that agreement due to early cancellation then they are subject to early cancellation fees. Currently this is $20 per month left in the agreement term. It will be charged to the credit or debit card they provided when they set up service.

You see, when someone calls to sign up for DIRECTV some do not listen closely to what they are being told. It is my assessment that those who claim to have wronged are probably among those who wanted to rush through the sign-up process, argued with the agent about the length of the agreement, felt the cancellation fees were unfair or just ignored any information that the agent provided that didn't line up with their own personal perception of what they did or didn't have to do to hold up their end of the bargain. They think that to provide TV service as content rich as what DIRECTV provides is free, that DIRECTV gets 100% profit from every dollar they take in. Get a clue. Every business that exists today makes an investment and has an expense before any profit is made. DIRECTV is no different. Typically it takes DIRECTV at least 18 months to break even on a new customer. Let me repeat that for the really thick-headed among you. It typically takes 18 months for DIRECTV to break even on the installation and set-up of a new customer. No business exists to just break even and no business continues to exist if they don't make a profit. Since its establishment DIRECTV has continually improved its service, content and technology. No business in the television service provider industry has a record as good as DIRECTV.

Some people complain that satellite TV use to be free. Really? If I recall a satellite system with a dish the size of Rhode Island ran about $8000 or more. That is about 6 years of DIRECTV service with the Premier package that contains over 285 channels of the most popular programming content available. No other TV service provider has anything even close. Of course, one does not have to have a TV service provider. For those of you who think TV should be free as your God given right, you can put up an antenna and get reception of local channels if you can get a strong enough signal. But shut your pie hole and don't complain when there is nothing to watch on TV or there is 30 minutes of program content and 30 minutes of advertising to pay for “free” TV. Or maybe you can watch programming content provided on the Internet that is free. But my friends, that is not free either. You either at least have to have Internet service which is not free, you are a mooch who only gets WI-fi from places like Starbucks or McDonald's (God love ya) or you are stealing service from someone. Who is the unethical one now?

Are you familiar with the Pareto Principle? I doubt it. Simply put 80% of effects are derived by 20% of causes. It is also referred to as the 80-20 Rule. How does it have relevance to this monologue? 80% of the problems/complaints are generated by 20% of the customers a company has. These disgruntled people also increase the expense of doing business and guess who gets to cover the bill? The 80 percent who are relatively satisfied. Do me/us a favor, go kill yourselves now, before you cost me/us another penny. I/we will be eternally grateful.


If you needed a deposit, then your credit says you dont pay your bills. NO ONE WHATS YOU AS A CUSTOMER! Duh.


I have had problems with my DTV signal from day one. I tryed calling and complaining and even payed the $49.99 fee for service call.

The guy came out, but the next week the problem came back! He gave me his number to call in case this happened, he did not mention that I have to call the customer service at DTV within 90 days to place a complaint! I kept calling him and he never came, even though he promised to. DTV sucks!

I still have no good sig and and shopping for another network, or I will just get my staff on the internet! I pay over one nundred per mo for 6 years and still no appreciation BOOOO


Yes agent, you are a coward taking swipes at customers while hiding behind that title. If you are an agent in real time, you must not be any good at it. Like before, you have no real arguments. You can’t possibly know what customers go through since you have no empathy skills either. In addition, in order to get into the heads of customers you have to have a brain first and your arguments do nothing but prove you are deficient their as well. When agents with your attitude have no real arguments that make sense, they will resort to childlike name calling and cheap insults. Childishly calling customers names is not exactly from the manual is it? When I give you facts or even a taste of your own medicine, your latest response is even shorter than the silly rant that preceded it. It also shows your limitations playing on the same old lame old pseudo arguments that drew such a detailed response from me the first time. I even broke my “never argue with morons” clause just to let you know what time it is. But, you can’t even learn from your own mistakes. Obviously, you didn’t read my response. I doubt if you could even understand it. I did you some pretty big words, after all. From your initial comments, I suspected that you were not exactly the sharpest knife in the draw. This latest submission confirms how delusion and idiotic you really are.

DTV acknowledged that there were countless problems and consumer issues but you won’t address that because those are indisputable facts and you don’t do facts. You deal in non-sense, silly name calling, underdeveloped and wasted posturing and cyber babble. DTV concedes that terrible people like you in customer service are the reason it had to revamp the entire customer service sector and bring in specialists to deal with customers.

But no, you’re so ***. Just look at you - a *** on here arguing with customers who have legitimate problems with equipment and services. Your arguing with the experiences that have already passed like its your business what I or anyone else has to say - as if you could resurrect them and make them better. What is it? Is it that you have no life? You can’t possibly have a life if you live to respond to comments on a message board. What a sorry lonely creature you must be. You are not just a waste of time. You are also a waste of life. In fact, why don’t you get a life? Oh wait. I order you to get a life. Isn’t that what you are trained for – taking orders?

Even the pathetic thought-police has at least some semblance of power. But, what do you have? Not even arguments that make sense to say nothing of any kind of power at all. Instead of spending all of your time on message boards like a loser, which you clearly do and obviously are, why don’t you channel you energies into making customer experience worthy of praise (if you are in fact an agent). Just a thought.. You seem to care more about what people report rather than what they experience! I think the considerable amount of free time you spend in message boards would be better spent assuring positive experiences for customers rather than positively proving you are a dumb ***. We get that, clearly.

Again, I see why you hide. I would too if my arguments and my person were as lame, pathetic, underdeveloped, immature and self serving as yours. I hope you are not what Direct tv is looking for in agents. I hope they have moved beyond your type - immature automatons who represents the very epitome of the typical disconnected customer service agent. Cowards like you who are rude to customers and lob insults from the safety of a computer keyboard are cut from the same cloth as those who are responsible for the death of true customer service at direct tv.


After that response I feel even more competent that you\'re a complete ***. How am I coward?

Because I didn\'t use my name? Would giving you my name make me any less right?All electronics go bad. That\'s why ALL companies offer some sort of protection plan that YOU do have to pay for.Read your contract before signing up. I fully believe Directv is ***.

I\'m not singing their praises. But you\'re also an *** for complaining against their policies when YOU signed THEIR contract.I mean really. Can you not read?Also, this world has come to an all time low when I have to listen to idiots like you literally CRY because they don\'t have tv.Bottom line..If Directv cannot fix it twice (after you have gone into Case Management) then you are free to break your contract with them due to failure to provide service.You may also want to check your facts. Directv has millions and millions of customer.

Out of those millions there is only a small percentage that have legitimate issues. Sincerly,A NON-Directv user!


My response to "Agent's" nonsensical rant.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't even respond to a cowardly loser such as "agent" because I don’t owe him/her/it anything not even an explanation. I do this for fun and for all those traumatized by the DTV experience and the general death of customer service. His response is so juvenile I feel almost guilty addressing it because I don’t want to accused of child abuse. What a coward. But on the other hand, if I wrote such utter nonsense, I would probably conceal my identity too.

Anyway, just a causal glance at internet would reveal to this *** thousands of complaints against DTV. Now could all of those people be wrong? Are they all cry babies? I think not. DTV acknowledges a constellation of legitimate consumer issues, problems and complaints. These are long term issues of such magnitude that the company had to hire new people to address them. I guess DTV making it all up too because this is there history according to them! I didn’t and couldn’t make this up.

What kind of *** are you? This is the “pissed off consumer” page (hello) not the suck *** or brown nose your way to the top corporate page. Perhaps it's (he/she/other) is on the wrong page. First off, electronics do break but that should not occur within a few months of ownership unless the equipment has some flaw.

Second, I should not have to take out a protection plan on new equipment anticipating failure. Maybe “agent” knows how *** DTV is and it took out a service protection plan. Perhaps he should also take out a plan on his logic because it just as flawed as DTV equipment.

Third, I pay with real money, and like all but the most idiotic, expect real service! I could care less how expensive it is to send service agents out. When they got here they learned that the installer incorrectly set the system up leading to failure. But, according to agent I suppose I should just grin and bear it. What a ***!

There world economy has been thrown into a tailspin due to in part to shoddy, underhanded business practices. That’s the world we all live in. Well all of us but agent. You live in some sort of dream world where businesses instinctive do right by people habitually and the sun always shines. Wake up and smell the *** coffee “agent.”

Finally, "agent" before you tangle with the big boys check yourself, check your facts, check yourself into rehab if you have to but grow sum hair on yours...


Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

I urge all DTV customers to bombard Ms. Filipiak's office with their complaints


Wow you're an ***. Maybe if you actually took the time to read the information that Directv provides for you...WHEN YOU SIGN UP. It's called the protection plan, and don't tell me "Why should I pay for your equipment?".

All of the equipment in your home is yours, except for the receiver. ALSO, all companies have this "protection plan". This is exactly why you were asked to pay for the service call.

Do you think that it is cheap to send trained people out to your home? NO! I am so sick of people who think that just because they do business with a company that they deserve everything for free.

That's like going into a grocery store and finding the one dented can of soup, and then asking for your whole grcoery cart full of stuff for free!

I don't know what kind of world you live in but here are a couple of things i've picked up over the years..

1.Electronics go bad.

2.Companies are out to make money.

3.Nothing is for free.

You know there are people in third world countries that don't even know what a tv looks like? Go spend some time with your kids or ride a bike or something.

Go :cry somemore.