Fort Myers, Florida
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I am a direct TV customer at my business. I am very irritated that Direct TV is unwilling to pay Waterman Broadcasting a fair price for NBC's programming.

Direct TV has a monopoly on the NFL package, essentially tying my hands. Another problem is NBC airs football. I now must sit and watch money walk out the door because of Direct Tv's greed.

My NFL ticket went from $1800 - $2680 this year. They like to implement huge increases without batting an eye, but when a small local station demands fair market value for their service, they bully them into removing the station.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: NBC removal.

Preferred solution: Bring back NBC and stop the Greed.

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In my opinion DirecTV is being greedy by not paying a fair price to broadcast NBC 2. I am feed up this *** *** and am ready to chuck DirecTV unless this can be settled NOW.


wow. they are KILLING the business customers. I have residential on 4 TVs and my NFL sunday ticket was $370 this year.