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I recently bought a brand new 4k Ultra HD with 2160 resolution. My current receiver maximum resolution is 1080p.

So I go online and look to upgrade my equipment. The receiver I need says $99. I try to order it, it won't let me. I call and try to order it, then I"m told that price is only for new customers and if I want that receiver it cost $299 plus another $99 for the smaller box.

I only need one 4k box, but they say if I upgrade 1 and need the other and its $50 installation fee. I say no way i'm paying $450 to upgrade. I get a different operator a couple of days later and she works with me and gets the $299 waived and half my installation fee if I extend for another 2 years under same price. I agree, then before I pay I get disconnected.

I call back and then the operator tells me previous operator is wrong I have to pay $450.

Complete BS. I don't know what to do from here.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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just switched to DirecTV less than a month one told me I had to ask for 4K service and now that I realize they installed older receivers they want a full fee to upgrade to the current receiver offering 4K and I am not even 30 days into my new ***...if you read this don't subscribe to DirecTV....


I have been a DirecTV customer for 12 years and I have 6 DVR's (including the older model Genie Server HR-34). I responded to an email promotion I received from them for a Free Upgrade--only to find that they are gong to also charge me $299 to upgrade to an HR-54 (instead of a 44) and $99 to upgrade my mini Genie and $49 for the installation fee--totaling $447 if I want to upgrade to 4K.

This is total B*ll *** And furthermore, why am I required to pay $50 to have a technician come to my house to unplug/replug three wires (PWR, HDMI, & Coax) from each device I already have installed. I have both read and been told from others that customer loyalty and service has massively declined since the AT&T acquisition---and I have now experienced it first hand.


Update software 4k ultra directtv Genie dvr channel guide


Talk to a supervisor. Be prepared to change services.

Refuse to sign an additional 2 years. Keep asking for the next supervisor.

You will get there. Otherwise, go to Dish.