Phoenix, Arizona
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Made a big mistake and went with a bundled service, Qwest internet, Verizon and Direct Tv well when you talk to them they never said you were going into a 1 year contract with Direct TV and trying to talk to someone in the US well forget that you might get as close as someone in Mexico, India but not the US and when you for a local number in the US it's like you offend them or something seriously I will never order Direct TV again I will Go with Dish network they are cheaper you talk to people in the US and they are much more customer friendly. Pissed in Arizona

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Just posted one outburst about Direct tv. Here's another.

My offer from AAA stated 19.99 for basic service for 12 months.

Ha!Ha! Called their 800-513-5000 line and they don't honor that offer from AAA. I have it in print. What do they advertise an offer that they won't stand by.

Come on John Malone and Micheal White start operating your company in an honest manner.Contact your Maryland GM. Fire the bunch of them.

I would love to be contacted but am afraid for my life because of the criminal case I posted elsewhere.