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The new Direct TV guide background color(black) makes it harder to see the listing. I used to be able to view the guide list easily without glasses.

Now I cannot. Please bring back the blue background. Scrolling through the guide may be quicker but if you have to take longer to read what's on the screen it really isn't any savings in time. Oh, by the way, we still get the message 'No Signal' when changing the channels.

What's that all about anyway.

We definitly are getting the signal so why does it say we aren't?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

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I AGREE! The new format is TERRIBLE!

I HATE it! Not only is it extremely difficult to read (You DO realize probably most of your subscribers are older!), but I just discovered you've now changed the 'GUIDE' so I now have to scroll down to get to a different Channel!


Why do some people still have the old guide, while we have the new HARD TO READ GUIDE? Is there a way to change it?


I agree the new guide is hard to see. The white writing is too thin.

Most everyone I talk to says the same thing. Don't know who gave you this idea but it's a bad one.


Horrible format. Very hard to read.


This a continuation of previous commentThe new change is harder to work with.Less steps with previous set up. does any one actually check these changes or doYou just decide to create confusion.I think at t got to big.


WTH is up with the small hard to see font? Guess it's time to change carriers. Been wanting to lower my bill guess this is a good reason to say goodbye to Directv.


New screen hard to see with smaller print.Can not find tnt. My old list of recordingsWas easier to navigate.

Can not find message's.

The old list of sports was moreComprehensive. Fire the person who didThis


I do not like the new screen. It is harder to read now.

Why did you make the print smaller? I have to walk up to the tv to see what I'm reading.


New guide is pathetic! DTV customer for 10 years!

Total disregard for customer preferences!!! Unacceptable

to Pissed Customer #1487713

If it ain't broke don't fix it. I've been a DTV customer for more than 15 years and can't understand why they made the changes.

In addition to being harder to read, I can't find when a show was recorded or when it originally aired. It would be nice if they had the courtesy to allow clients to choose the classic view or new view.


Directv should be ashamed. It took away a very good onscreen guide and replaced it with a version that’s difficult to read and use.

I’m considering taking my business elsewhere. Directv obviously doesn’t care about its customers.


Can’t read the new guide and I’m not that old! Horrible color and small!!! Change it back!!!


HATE the new guide change!! change it back. I cannot read it and hate the color change.


Absolutely horrendous to see with this updated ui. please give us an option to change it back


I want it back like before!

to P.O. customer #1472834

New guide hard to read. Very hard on eye site!!!!!


Horrible! Can't read it, hard on the eyes, gave me a headache.

It seems slower, keeps freezing up.

Black background with small print, wtf... Have been looking for a reason switch to save money, this may be the perfect opportunity.


This new channel guide is pathetic


I absolutely hate it, hard to read , black and white, really?????????????? I have to get up to read tv guide


I TOTALLY agree! The screen is hard to see, especially from a distance.

The lettering is hard to read.

And the background makes is even worse. Please put it back the way it was!!

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