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I and many others I know do not like the new format at all. It is a lot harder to read, among other things.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Robert D

140.00 a month for old programming,unless i pay more .BTW this payment doesn't include any premium channels. in to days times there are so meany other ways to watch tv without being bent over !

@Robert D

I’m sick and tired of Direct TV. It costs a bunch.

I’m retired and get 50 to 60 channels for ads Hispanic no offense to them. It’s a waste and I am figuring out I can pretty much get everything through a satellite Riki Amazon.

@Robert D

Amen to that. They have been gouging their long time customers for years while giving breaks to new customers.

They haven't offered me one perk in years. I hear they may go to internet streaming.

They could give it to me free and I wouldn't use those pirates ever again. Getting rid of them was very liberating to say the least.

@Robert D

Not only are these thieves hemorrhaging market share. ; Theyre doing everything they can to alienate the few customers they have left.

Take heart consumers. The market will solve your DirecTv problems.

They're going defunct sooner than later. Ill dance on their putrid grave on that day.


I hope you are going to change the weather app back so we can access the radar and other features we depend on. What is on there now is totally useless.


I agree with all of the comments. My wife and I are older and can no longer read the information from our chairs.

She likes to record shows so she can skip commercials if she wants, but can not see how far she is advancing the tv as it is hard to read the numbers for seconds skipped. They need to go back to the way it was.

@Gary and Dixie Blundell

I agree. The new setup is terrible. Go back to the way it was.


Unless they change their ways quickly, they will be out of business. Think I am going to buy out my contract and go back to Dish


My direct tv format sucks. Push info & can barely see the time,etc. if going to stay that way ADIOS


Their customer support is really poor. I have spent 4 to 5 hours with their customer support team.

3 dropped phone calls and 1 disconnected chat support. After all this they agreed to send a new PVR receiver. Promised delivery in 3 days. Checked back after 5 days and was told no order was ever created to send one.

I’ve had enough. Cancelled service. Offered me $50 to keep my business. Really are they serious.

I would not stay with a years free service.

New format is brutal. I’ll stream everything I need from here on.


I absolutely hate this new format! Lost shows! We will be switching to another company.


Absolutely. My recordings seem to disappear constantly.

Nothing is where it can be found. Hate it!!!


Directv is on the same level as Democrats, worthless.




It's inappropriate to bring up politics in a DirecTV review.


I agree with the majority of the comments. This format is very poor quality.

Someone needs to rethink this and think about simplifying the the entire formant... not next year, not two years from but very soon.


Just got an upgrade today and the new guide is awful. My TV isn't even that far from where I sit and it's hard to read. What's up with that !!


The new update guide is terrible !!! Used to be able to scroll to sports , and see who’s playing, delete a series of shows all at once , easy to see what I had recorded to select a show .

The user guide is AWFUL !!! Please change it BACK !!!


Suggestion : New guide stinks we all agree, so DTV how about adding a RETRIEVE DELETED SHOWS tab like you had before.....Suggestion #2 Make priority to fix the recorded shows, sometimes they are listed sometimes not, sometimes they record sometimes they don't, I have to cross my fingers every time I hit record, #3 Up your game in the customer service department (how do you think Amazon got so big and Kmarts went out if business - wake up call AT&T)


Go back to the old guide, this new one is useless.

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