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I and many others I know do not like the new format at all. It is a lot harder to read, among other things.

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New guide is horrible, if this doesn't get fixed I am getting rid of all my at&t stuff.


Do not like new format.Cannot read it font too small and light.

Please bring back other format. This is enough to change carriers when you can't read what's on screen.

Do not like drop box on list you have added either.Very unhappy customer And if it remains like this will change carriers.


Hate it! Can’t see the recorded list or anything else when I am sitting where I usually watch tv. Trying to search for a program is terrible!!


The new direct tv format was just activated on our tv --just hate it!Difficult to read, the blue box is distracting, no longer able to see your entire list of recordings without clicking back and forth....see no options list to 'resume,' 'view upcoming', 'play,' 'other showings,' etc...I used that list daily.

The whole process is much more difficult to navigate. You can't see the date the episode was recorded without clicking on 'info' ... it is totally un user friendly. Can't believe they flowed it by a focus group...just poorly thought out for ease of navigation.

I've been a Direct TV defender for 15 years (wonderful service), but ready to move to Fios.Jane Broderick


Been a DirectTV customer for 18 years.New format is horrible and the tiny font is just awful.

Go back to something that is readable and user friendly or I'm done.You have 3 months to get this fixed or you lost a live long customer.


Too hard to read. Not good at all especially for older people.


I cannot see the menu anymore in bed. Sucks!!!


If we beg will they return to old format? I'm plenty techie, but this is just NOT as user friendly as the older format. In top of all the Genie issues we are having I'm finding it hard to continue to recommend DTV to family and friends.


I do not like the new format. Hard to read. Can’t find a date on your recordings as to when recorded.


Whoever decided to change this format should be fired.It is awful...

too small, difficult to read.

There was nothing wrong with the old format.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

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