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I and many others I know do not like the new format at all. It is a lot harder to read, among other things.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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After being pissed off for the umpteenth time trying to find my disappearing DVR shows, I came online to see if others were having the same problem. Glad to see I'm not the only one, but annoyed that they made watching a show such an inconvenience.


So it took me a while to figure out where the majority of my DVR programs were. I can get used to it.

But, what I can't get used to is the there were no messages or emails informing the user about the new format. Get with the program Directv/AT&T!!!


I totally agree. I hate the new font and the fact that my recordings disappear and I can't watch when I want to!!! Will be switching to Comcast next month with my contract is up!


The person that approved these changes should be fired.Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.


The new format is impossible to understand. Recorded programs just disappear. WHY DID IT CHANGE??????????))


The new format sucks. Smaller font and my recorded stuff disappears at times from my list.

to James Brock #1517689

I totally agree. I hate the new format.


the new format is horrible. It is too small to read and the colors of the channel guide is terrible. I am thinking of leaving direct tv for this reason


I've recently spent time in several motels, while on trips. They all had Direct TV.

They also all had the old format. Apparently it is still available to some prescribers.

I would like to know if there is a way to opt out of the new, horribly designed format which we are now painfully subject to, and resume receiving to universally preferred old format. I have actually had to resort to using binoculars to view the show descriptions and guide, on my bedroom tv.


New format is horrible!!!!! Small font, not in order, it doesn’t hold as any recordings and shows randomly disappear?! I’m so irritated with it that I’m talking my husband about switching over to a different cable company if it’s not changed back quick.


I don’t like the new format either. It is harder to read and shows that I have recorded keep disappearing!

Give us the old one back. This one is not goos


I agree; it’s driving me nuts!!!! It’s not user-friendly!!!!

Who designed it? Ridiculous!


Nothing about the new format is an improvement and nearly everything is a detriment.Takes more steps to do EVERYTHING I do; in many cases, it's MANY more steps. It's tough to find simple information that was readily available in the past (like when the program was recorded), the type is WAY too small, especially for seniors who I have to believe make up a pretty large portion of your customer base.Is anybody happy with these changes? Please can't we go back????


The playlist is horrible. Font too small.

No dates by shows. Can't tell what is new or old show. The old format was fine. I cannot use my playlist but even if I could I cannot read it.

The playlist on Uverse is ok.

Do not change it. When will you reformat Direct TV.


The new guide sucks! The font is so small I can't read it standing 3 feet from a 57 inch screen.

And the new horizonal orientation of the menuis horrible. To make matters worse it is painfully slow. This thing is a total pig. I'm a 10+ year customer that has every channel offered and pay a huge monthly bill.

This is a prime example of poor development this tool never should have made it out of beta testing. It needs a complete rewrite.

Forcing it through without an option to revertical was another stupid move i honestly cant express how F@$555!! awful it is.

to DTVcustomer #1515589

User testing..none! Font is so small on menu...large tv...they fixed it then ...screwed it up.... test scripts non existent ...


I agree with others. Please change the Direct TV back to the old guide and format.

This new one is terrible. I hate it.

Lose programs, delete the wrong ones. Harder to do anything.


This new format is terrible. We can’t read it and it moved so many of our shows into other areas.

We couldn’t find them.

It takes 5 steps to look things up instead of one or two. Please bring back the old format.


Just cut your losses and bring back the other format, quickly.This one is too small to read. I hate looking for something on the guide.


Receivers constantly shut down. And menu is smaller

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