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I and many others I know do not like the new format at all. It is a lot harder to read, among other things.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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New format is as many have said - terrible!Very hard to read.

Font is to small - dark back. To many steps to get to what you want. Remote commands are difficult - this is not user friendly!Did I miss something were we notified of this change?

Also, does AT&T review or test before they go to the public with this change?Someone really goofed here!


What the heck happened to the format???It's the worst ever!!

I am going to cancel this. I can not watch shows in order that were taped..

it makes me watch the most recent and backward.Big fail!


If this new format doesn't go back to the old one in the next week,I'm cancelling! This is not user friendly at all!!!!


I also hate the new format...I like to be able to see the date it first aired so I can delete it if I want...you have to go into each one before you can see it...it is small...we should have the option to stay with old or go with new...it wasn’t broke so why change it...


Don’t like it, will change to a new cable.


I could not agree more.Please know I am very open to change and not a hater but after 3 nights of the new menu, thinking of switching providers.

The old menu was so simple and easy and now DVR is so busy and confusing.And I am fairly tech savvy but just an odd user experience.


I hate new format you can't even read it will change network as soon as my contract is up


Terrible changes. Not intuitive. Very dissatisfied.


The new format makes me want to switch to Dish network. It is hard to read, shows less shows, is very cluttered, and definitely not user friendly.


The new format is absolutely horrific! There is not enough space for me to list all the things I hate, and there is not a single thing left that I like.


This is terrible!!WTH???

Why Why Why?? Is this the direct result of our upcoming snowflakes thinking it’s a new, cool, idea?? Gotta change, cause change is good?

Not this time.Change it back Libtards!!


Hate it, hard to read or even see with the faded portions!! Any one know if they may go back? This new is terrible!!


This is the worst format,go back to the previous format


Old format was great. New one is not user friendly. I will get something better or go to dish.com


Hate.,Hate Hate.the new format.

Can't tell when the recorded programs were first aired!!! Don't know if we already watched them. Can't scroll down from one program to another on recorded programs. Total misstep on your part.

Give us back the old format.Turned off the tv at 8 last night and went to bed in frustration.


We hate the small font for info. It is so bad we will cancel if it is not enlarged.


Cannot read font ,too small!Upper left box to see present channel while surfing ..so smallIt's useless...Probably looked great to I.TGuy on 32" monitor from 24 inches away when they designed it...will have to go to Comcast or dish if not fixed


This new format is not the best choice for consumers especially when it's shoved down your throat without consumer approval. It's someone in the front office that doesn't know people and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE TO BOOT.


TerribleChange the format back or make it largerOr I’m out direct tv for 18 yrs


I hate this new format.At least give us an option to switch back.

It’s much harder to read and to manage .We will probably switch to another cable.

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