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I and many others I know do not like the new format at all. It is a lot harder to read, among other things.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am so concern about the format but tge heck happened to their on demabs service. The show dates are back two months ago. None of the tecent showings are available what I will be canceling as soon as our contract is done.


I really resent having to stand inches from the television to read anything on it. Our family is considering just dropping it. What were they thinking?


It's hard to understand and where's the date. They took that off altogether.

It's too small and finding search is ridiculous. CHANGE IT BACK!!


The new guide gives me eyestrain and therefore headaches. Viewing pleasure?!!

The company does not care that viewing its product damages the eyes. So since I did not agree to the damage as part of my subscription, I will drop DirectTV as soon as my subscription ends.


Fact Directv was bought out by at&t.Fact Almost all the higher ups from DTV where fired the day after the takeover by at&t.Fact The day after at&t took over DTV the field technicians lost almost 50% of their pay at least here in Hawaii.Fact DTV as we know it was no more than just a name the day after the takeover.I was warned about this by reading about what happens when at&t takes over a company. It happened exactly the way I thought it would happen with the takeover.

I lived it when they took over Bell South. Talking with people after the takeover with Bell South. The following day Is when all the higher ups and everybody below them down to the person pushing the broom was fired. They had to apply again for a job with huge pay cuts.

By the way all the higher ups were not invited back.So where does that leave us customers? It leaves us with not very happy employees that are probably not very happy with their jobs because there is probably no intensive for them to do a good job. They do enough just to get by and not get fired.For sure anybody from at&t that knows anything marketing would have told whoever this was a *** idea (program guild). It is the most awful designed piece of crap.Here is what is going to happen in my opinion.

at&t is going to weather the storm and change nothing with this program guild. They know people will stop with complaints and not leave them. They don't care about you! They care about your hard earned money.

Anyone that that knew DTV before it was taken over by at&t knows this in not the DTV as we once knew it.By the way. at&t stocks are almost at a 5 year low.

Hahahaha. Good going guys.

to Matt Fullmer #1486980

The new format is horrible, hard to read, more steps to get to what you want and erases recorded programs. I have called to complain about new format and got 2 gals who I could not understand and thought we had trouble with the box.

Frustrating!We have had Direct TV for over 5 years and loved the small company feel until AT&T bought it.

Changing to Dish end of June when pur contract runs out - now shall we talk about Verizon? God help the consumer.


I have to get up close to read the confusing poorly designed format, within two feet.terrible, awful, ridiculous, some people should be terminated over this monstrosity.did it even occur to them to ask the customer what they want or what they will accept.this pile of junk is totally unacceptableDTV your new format is a total failurebring back the old one or fix it NOW!!!!!


I for one canceled my 12 years with DTV. They offered me $55 off per month for 12 months if i would reconsider which I refused.

I figured if I had to learn their stupid new format I'd rather learn someone else's format. So FU DTV.

to Lee #1486391

Oh and by the way they could care less if you like it or hate it. DTV is too big to give a damm.


I hate this new foreman... I have a 60 inch TV not the biggest screen there is but pretty big.

Also I do not have a huge den the TV is not too far away from my chair... Now I have to get up just to read what’s coming on or find th programs I put on my playlist .. The letter are so small it’s bad... my son who has excellent vision has trouble reading it so I know it’s not me...

If your gonna change smithing, change it for the better not to *** off your consumers ... this is the worst .. I already have bad knees so it hard for me to watch TV now cause I have to get up to read it...

might as well toss the remote and go back to changing the channel but hand I’m up at the TV so much ... what’s next black and white only???


I have the the previous format on my tv in master bedroom on my other four tv’s I have the new format which is awful


This new screen format is terrible. I hate it because it's too hard to read.


I lucked out for some reason I still have the previous format Yeah I am a happy camper

to Marilyn Bialek #1486981

I put the TV on last week and there it was - friends TV followed 2 days after ours. Just wait.


New DirecTv format is awful. Try to erase individual program from DVR, and it erases the whole series!

What were they thinking?

Do they even proof these things with focus groups? I'm severely disappointed.


Directs New Format a BIG {{redacted}} !!


just talked to dtv rep. from the cutomer loyalty group not only did she deny me a discount for font size, other showing not working, big blue box on playlist, can't download old tv shows and movies.

she also told me the fix of these things probably won't be till sometime in early 2019.

can we get a peition going on line . i'm not sure how to do that , but maybe another pissed consumer might.


The new format is a poor choice. The font is smaller and much harder to read. BAD!


This new format suckIm calling to cancel. Hate it hate it!


I agree! WHY did DIRECT TV ever spend the time and money on the new format?

I have tried to give it a chance and to get familiar with it but there is nothing I like about it. I liked the old format.

The new one is hard to read, slow, locks up and more difficult to use. Bring back the old format.

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