Dayton, Ohio

Direct Tv has dealt senior citizens a bad blow. Direct is watched in the daytime by more Seniors than

any other age group. Yet you have made the background of the quide impossilbe to read. Not only

that have you thought of the people with sight problems. My husband can't read the listing at all.

I have 20/20 an it makes my eyes blurry. Sure use a guide??? But hey your guide doesn't show

what is playing at the station on time. will cancel if not super bowl.A Sucker born every minute an I am one .

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

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Yes the new format is terrible. The persons at direct tv who came out with this format should be fired.


CHANGE IT BACK!!!!! Cannot see with new BLACK format!!!!!!


I agree -- not quite a senior yet, but this new format is awful. If you don't have a 70 inch screen, the guide is impossible to read. Please adjust the format.


Your new format stinks. Take the black out and bring back the blue. Cannot read the black guide.


If the guide change isn't delt with within the next week or 2 I plan to switch providers. Really? White lettering with a light blue backgroud and at half the size of the former lettering, what was someone thinking?