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This is company is a daily ad for other tv companies!Why would you change your guide so that the background and small writing make it almost impossible to read!

If I didn’t know the channel numbers by heart, I certainly wouldn’t know what I wanted because you cannot tell, and when you select something you still don’t know what you have chosen, ID channel, Lifetime etc, because it does not say anything to let you know what channel it is other than the number! Someone should be fired over this!! Also we are still getting audio, video, and slow remote problems!! 2 months ago when called about the first two things the said they knew about this, as they were working on fixing the problem, after letting me explain the problem for 20 mins,!

The remote is a recent problem since the guide change.Changing to cable!!

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.


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Ridiculous and definitely not for the “valued customers”. Programming has been going downhill and now this unreadable guide...DIRECTV/ATT please undo what you did!


Who in their right mind would think the ridiculous changes to the guide/menu is a good idea??Unreadable and hard to use. Called to complain and was told my complaint was going to be directed to the higher ups......he said as of now, it wasn’t going to change back. Going to exfinity.


The new guide is embarrassing. I've been looking for a reason to cut ties with directv and this is finally it. No one with a shred of sense could have looked at this and thought, "yea, people are gonna be happy about our downgraded, difficult to read, netflix emulating, lagged new guide."


I cannot read the font either when I watch tv from my bed upon retiring at night. Why did you have to "fix" something that wasn't broken?


Can't read the fonts on the new guide. Too... small.Why did you do this


I thought it was just me but after reading these comments I see I’m not alone. Absolutely horrible!!


Awful, just awful. Can't even express how hard directv just made everything. GO BACK TO THE OLD INTERACTIVE GUIDE!!!!!!!!


Not able to search for Other Showings from a show that you have just watched. You have to do a search again. THIS IS SO BAD!


Awful to choose something you've recorded. Go back to the way it was.


New channel guide is awful way to busy and very hard to see hope Direct tv sees the error of their way soon or I may have to change provider


Great, now I can't find out to get to my DVD player


Direct tv, are you in cahoots with a reading glasses company ? Cause you are destroying our eyes !!!


Hate it !Can't even see the scores and updates across the bottom of the screen when fast forward or rewinding.

Who puts a black cloud on a tv.Change it back or else I'm gone


Hate it!


I spoke with Direct TV yesterday and they are in the process of rolling back the guide to the old one because they received so many complaints. It is absolutely horrid.

to Moon #1448057

I hope they do go back to the old guide !! The stooge that came up with this new improved guide must be on crack, needs to be drug tested because this individual is on something that ain’t legal !!!!!!!

to Moon #1448105

I pray you are correct and they aren't just yanking our chain


Presume this is what Direct TV claims as Innovation.This is what I call Indigestion!

I use to see the letters without glasses. Now I have to get right in front of the TV to see them. The fonts, back ground color STINKS. The new Recorded layout Also Stinks.

Fix it or I will have to go back to Cable.Cable is a lot cheaper and able to see.You guys really Blew it on this new Guide!Go back to the way it was and you might be able to keep your customers.


AWFUL GUIDE! Just spent about 20 minutes with a directv rep who was very helpful, but it didn't get much better. TRY THIS - hit menu, go to settings, scroll sideways to ACCESSIBILITIES, and you can choose other fonts and sizes, but it didn't improve a lot, but it may help you.

to Mebeth AZ #1448062

I tried this, didn’t work !I’ve had direct tv for years, why would you try and fix something that ain’t broke !

I’m actually thinking about changing over to cable.

I would hope that it doesn’t come down to that but even with a 55” 4K tv I have to stand in front of it to read the font !What were these bozo’s thinking of...they should be fired !

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