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This is company is a daily ad for other tv companies! Why would you change your guide so that the background and small writing make it almost impossible to read!

If I didn’t know the channel numbers by heart, I certainly wouldn’t know what I wanted because you cannot tell, and when you select something you still don’t know what you have chosen, ID channel, Lifetime etc, because it does not say anything to let you know what channel it is other than the number! Someone should be fired over this!! Also we are still getting audio, video, and slow remote problems!! 2 months ago when called about the first two things the said they knew about this, as they were working on fixing the problem, after letting me explain the problem for 20 mins,!

The remote is a recent problem since the guide change. Changing to cable!!

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Please Direct TV. When you people are going to change this horrible update.

The fonts are too small and hard to read.. Impossible to read the guide menu. Too many promises but nothing have been done.

.. When?


The new menu is just horrible!!!


I agree. I hate this new set up!

Hard to read, hard to navigate and to just ask a question you have to take 30 mins with customer service to get an answer. They changed and didn’t offer any instructions! I can’t delete a series from series manager. I can’t get an explanation on recording all channels and just a series.

The recordings set both and take up room in the list. Why can’t they provide a manual?


The new guide sucks. To dark and small to read.


This new guide was obviously designed by an 18 year old intern with perfect vision! #FAIL!!

Don’t get me started on the poor response time and lost functionality. Try to use the DVR and it appears to be communicating with a satellite, bounced through a dozen third world countries and then back to my remote. I’d rather go back 50 years to the wired remote!

This needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s bad enough to be doing business with a company that played the “pay to play” game with the White House, but you broke something that worked great.


Please go back to the old guide the new one is just horrible! Font too tooo toooooo small.

Too dark boxes too big.

It is totally unusable and my remote hardly works anymore. Fix it!!!!!!!


Return the guide the way it was. I hate the way it is now.


The new guide is awful. When you change channels, the bottom 1/3 of screen is darkened for about 10 seconds.

We read from left to right and the channel ID is all the way to the right side of the page and the time is smaller and hidden by the bigger DIRECTV logo.

Please return to the old guide. Have been customer for 20 years and this guide is the worst




New guide sucks; very slow!!! On top of that my bill just went up $45 a month.

I called and they offered a $5 discount. I said see ya!!!

Almost a 10 year customer, but enough is enough. Lose tv at midnight tonight!!

to Mwames #1487860

10 years my *** Lies!


New guide SUCKS!


This new user interface has literally sapped my enjoyment of tv to the point where I would rather watch programming on my phone instead. I missed the last 5 minutes of the Caps/Lightning game the other night because I could not access the channel due to lag time.

Entering channels manually by pushing numbers is an absolute joke and a good waste of precious minutes of your life. If it wasn't for the fact that I need DTV for my Sunday Ticket, I would have already cancelled. I can promise you this though. If it's not fixed by football season, I'm done regardless.

This will not cut it when you're trying to watch/channel surf between multiple games. (the whole point in having the ticket in the first place!!)


I was so happy with DirectTV until this change. It’s not better.

I agree print is too small unless you get up and stand in front of TV. The shows I have recorded has lost their air date . This is helpful when shows are preempt and you have other recordings to go to to complete your show. I just got use to going to sports to find a sport I wanted to watch - now I can’t see how to do this.

Changes should be tested by users before running with it. Not happy now.


totally agree... if you are over the age of 30 you will not be able to read a thing...

I guess that's the idea....

se you later Directv... here I come Roku and YouTube TV


The Guide change is a disaster.


They have to change it back! It really sucks!

to Anonymous #1486752

Change back now. All my shows that I have recorded I can't find how to view up coming recordings. Help!


Omg I agree I hate the new guide


I also have Comcast installing later this week for a trial period. I will want to see if their Guide interface is usable bsfore i cancel Directv.

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