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This is company is a daily ad for other tv companies! Why would you change your guide so that the background and small writing make it almost impossible to read!

If I didn’t know the channel numbers by heart, I certainly wouldn’t know what I wanted because you cannot tell, and when you select something you still don’t know what you have chosen, ID channel, Lifetime etc, because it does not say anything to let you know what channel it is other than the number! Someone should be fired over this!! Also we are still getting audio, video, and slow remote problems!! 2 months ago when called about the first two things the said they knew about this, as they were working on fixing the problem, after letting me explain the problem for 20 mins,!

The remote is a recent problem since the guide change. Changing to cable!!

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I fond Directv to be at the same level as Democrats, worthless.


The new guide format just took effect for me today. All I can say is, DAMN !!

I don’t where these people say the font is too small, a blind man/woman can read mine from 50 paces !!! It’s huge !!! I have been with Direct TV since before it was Dorect TV (PrimeStar) . Had to replace my box and upgraded.

Nearly 20yrs paying for this. This has got to be fixed or put it back the way it was. It’s not about “change” , that I can deal with but, most change is good, this is not.

Fix It Direct. !!!!


WTF is with the new guide on DirecTV?! Is there s way to change it back to the old guide. THis needs a software update immediately!


This new guide is the worst yet, why not give the customer 3 guides to choose from.

to Steve #1537254

Cause choices for zoom would be logical. Might as well tick 2/3rds of the people off going to a format only 1/3rd likes


Not only was the old formatted guide fine, no need to change, but what is with the blue line running through the middle of the guide? Who would approve this awful user interface???

The exit button on the remote will not take you out of the guide now. And the black background is harsh.

That blue background was easy on the eyes & pleasant. Why can’t they leave well enough alone.DirTV sucks since att bought them


Ok DirecTV - we’re with the rest of your paying customers who hate the new guide format!!!!! The blue line is ridiculous and the font on our screen is now HUGE!!!! Please change it back to the previous format.

to MV Residents #1535060

Not to mention the scroll is way slower. They seriously need to quit changing sh$t.

I do like the bigger font, because after that last time time they changed it I honestly had to squint to see the stuff.

But really, o. I think every can tell what time it is and what time the shows come on so GET RID OF THE STUPID LINE.

to Anonymous #1535065

Sorry, typo. Should have said 'everyone knows what time it is'


Blue line is horrible and hate the mini guide now has 2 lines vs one.


We can't read the guide very well. It is so small I have to get up to see it.

and even at that its so screwed up . Our screen seems so fuzzy like on the guide. Also it is automatically deleting programs we have recorded.

I didn't realize they were changing anything in regard to the guide. At this rate if something is not fixed we will consider getting rid of directv and all the other crap.


I can’t find things anymore, try to delete after watching something and have to go search for it. What the heck is going on and how the heck can I get back to normal?

Looks like when people call they are always working on it - just like the font size that has not been fixed for months!!!!! I am almost done with direct tv.


Not only was the old formatted guide preferable but, what *** is with the damn blue line running through the guide? Who was the moron that had that idea and the moron approving it? I’m seriously considering Dish TV.

to Raye60 #1533982

agree. blue line is annoying and not necessary.

not an enhancement. i guess someone is getting paid gor developingbthis crap.


I too, had adjusted to the previous change, but the latest "improvement" is awful. On mine, the font is so large, I could read it from a block away!

I also don't need the blue line, there's a clock at the top of the screen. Are customer's really asking for these changes?

to Vickie #1532792

Y'all need to fix the format that a blind person can read with the guide. There is a blue line going down the guide and the words are HUGE!

Fix the problem since customers pay so much $$$. Disaster is putting it lightly.


So Directv screws up the guide again. It has been altered twice now since I started the service.

I thought the previous change was hard to read, not user friendly. But this recent setup is ridiculous!! The font is so small its pretty much unreadable. And what's up with that moving blue line all way thru the guide info?

It interrupts the info beneath. I don't need or want a minute by minute countdown of a show. I'm not a moron who can't keep track of time spent. This is horrible.

Please at least go back to the most recent format. As others have commented: if it ain't broke don't fix it. The people who think up these awful ideas along with the idiots who approve installation should be made to live with with these features for a year or two and see how NOT easy it it is to use.

Not that anyone cares at Directv, but maybe it's time to change service. They should be ashamed of how they treat their customers.


The same thing happened to me. I cannot read the new menu.

I called to complain months ago. They told me it was being worked on, too. Months later and it is worse.

Every day I need to reset the DVR because half of the recorded shows do no show up. I'm thinking about switching to cable, too.

to Chris #1537533

It’s a royal pain in the *** but the dumb *** trick to finding your shows on the list that disappear, usually I can go into one of the folders with multiple episodes, back out and viola, somehow the rest of my list magically shows up. The DUMBEST thing ever!

And as far as the font size, I think my neighbors two blocks down can read the menu! A little much!

At least give us the option to increase or decrease the font size. I don’t think the International Space Station needs to be able to read my guide from Missouri!


The new display is horrible. Fix it and leave it alone. Maybe have a few options for the consumer to choose from, and don’t change it automatically.

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