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This is company is a daily ad for other tv companies! Why would you change your guide so that the background and small writing make it almost impossible to read!

If I didn’t know the channel numbers by heart, I certainly wouldn’t know what I wanted because you cannot tell, and when you select something you still don’t know what you have chosen, ID channel, Lifetime etc, because it does not say anything to let you know what channel it is other than the number! Someone should be fired over this!! Also we are still getting audio, video, and slow remote problems!! 2 months ago when called about the first two things the said they knew about this, as they were working on fixing the problem, after letting me explain the problem for 20 mins,!

The remote is a recent problem since the guide change. Changing to cable!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Today August 18 - FIX YOUR SOFTWARE. Yes, you can't read a thing it's so tiny, you click on a picture to see a recording and it gives you the list of recordings, so you have to find it anyway. And now, you can't fast forward or stop or back, UGH, you make us pay so much, I won't be using you much longer.


When paging down through the guide, if it stops on one of the highlighted movie ads, it locks up and takes a couple of minutes to start moving again. Anyone else experiencing this problem?


Same here


Hate hate hate DTV guide do much I will change providers when contract is up.


I also hate DTV the channel guide is the NOT user friendly at all . I believe they did this for some sinister reason . HATE HATE DTV.


I agree


This is what has happened since At&T got a hold of directv. Been a customer for more than 20 years, and am fed up.

What is wrong with your Engineers?

That stupid vertical line you have on the guide is ridiculous to say the least. Going to lose a lot of faithful customers very soon, unless you make drastic changes to the system.


Since AT&T took over it’s went to ***


I have had recurring issues with Direct TV also along the lines of this comment. I don't have an option for cable as I live out of any normal service and local broadcast results in snow. Wish they would get their act together.


Did you clowns try to change it again only to make it worse? Great merger!

Remember when you would call customer service and get assistance ? And not a mouthy 2 bit manilla ***


Yes I use to brag on Dtv Guide. Now is terrible and they just today turned the fast forward/ rewind black back ground even darker than it was when people first complained about it blocking sports scores and other bottom banners. Now pretty green line and circle marker, but why blacked out screen bottom??


Been complaining to AT&T and DirectTV for MONTHS about all the problems listed below in other posts. Poor interactive channel guide, recorded shows not showing up in the list, etc, etc.

Each month we are told this is going to be fixed by this date, or that date and it never gets fixed. We have to re-boot the entire system every time we can't find pre-recorded programs. Last time we called, the DirectTV person (and I *** you NOT) told us....."this is an upgrade". AN UPGRADE????!!!!!!!!

We've been customers since the Primestar days and before AT&T got their hands on this it was a great system.

Thanks AT&T for ruining a good platform. We live in a very rural area and we cannot wait for our internet speed to be increased so we can tell AT&T and DirectTV where to shove their "upgrade".


Soooo horrible>>>> loved directTV for 20 years. Knew when ATT bought them they would ruin...

the user interface is horrible.

If you change one thing —- Fix the Recorded shows features....unacceptable.. PLEASE


It forced me to leave DirecTV and move to Rectum.... oh well


We absolutely HATE the new guide and format. Every day we lose pre-recoded shows on our list and then later, they show up again on the list.

Nearly every show 'Freeze" for a few seconds....no movement or audio, then resumes, whether recoded or live. We are quickly considering changing to Dish Network after 19 years with Direct TV.

@William Bates

William Bates.....we were told by DTV to reset our receiver. Ridiculous huh?

@William Bates

Don't change to Dish ! I just got off the phone with a dude from Mexico that talked me through a problem that Dish created.

I was going to switch to directv but i see they suck too. Good luck!


Directv is run by Democrats, that explains everything.


R u stupid??? They donated a bunch of money to the trump administration


I heard what I watch was being sold to advertisers but I had no idea ATT directv was doing it with a giant guide that you can now see from space into my living room! This thing is dumb

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