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Small type you can't read. Blue box takes up too much room.

Channel guide freezes and won't move forward. Blue identification box in channel guide disappears after a few moves. Holding search button down in guide causes the field to speed up and never stop.

Go back to the old format or I'll go away!!!!!!

Why mess with somethings that is not broken.

Suggest you have your top executives sit in a room, twenty feet away from the screen and try to navigate through or even read the new format. Not everyone has the eagle eyes of a 19 year old. Some of us older customers have to put on glasses to read the on screen guide and even that is a chore to discern.

Go back!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Totally agree! This new look is terrible!

Too small and hard to read, moves so slow!

We want the old look back. Why in the world did it change?!?!


I totally agree with this annoyed customer-I hate the new look-can't read type, which is not only too small but often poorly written, when changing channels most of the screen is covered in Black, the channel guide is ridiculous, and can delete all shows in "the box" in LIST if not careful, I have done it several times until I figured how to not delete entire collection of a show,not even a date to show when show recorded. There are many other problems with it but you get the picture.

I am sure there has been plenty of complaints, why not listen to us the consumer and get rid of new look NOW. The whole thing is a mess and I am planning to leave Direct when contract runs out in August '18. Who allowed this change? Fire them.

It was so navigatable before, now its a chore and not pleasant. Go back to the old format. Your company told me it was to "modernize" the look but instead you destroyed the look and put in into the Dark Ages.

I hope enough people complain and you will be forced to return to old look, or chance losing a lot of customers. Listen to your customers, we are the ones who have to navigate this mess.


New look is horrible. It use to be easy to search my type of programs sports but now you go through 10 extra steps and still can't find what you want. Horrible upgrade that wasn't needed!!


I completely agree! Your "new look" is terrible!

The "Information bar covers over 1/2 of the screen. The grey background on the guide is so fuzzy that it is completely illegible on 4 of my TVs and barely legible on my huge living room TV. Every time you change the channel, the "to record this...." message come up on a black background and covers up to 1/3 of the screen! In my "favorites list" only the first entry, enlarged in blue, is legible.

The rest is too fuzzy to be read without scrolling down individually.

What group of nitwits designed this. BRING BACK THE "OLD LOOK".


I hate the new format. Writing too small, hard to navigate, can’t figure out where to find my schedule of shows to be recorded.

Please change it back.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Should have left it alone.

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