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This new menu format sucks, extremely small font, icons, and so on. I can’t believe they’d change it to this crap, can’t hardy see it, read it, or See the channel icons.

Prior to the change I could visual everything just fine, what’s the reason for His drastic change???? I have also had many disputes with direct tv and my bills, most have not been r solved in my favor, the irritation level is starting to get pretty high and the chances of me switching to a different cable provider are increasing!!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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ATT must have hired an incompedent programmer = the amount of time it is taking to fix he new mickey mouse awful menu is not acceptable They refuse to simply go back to the old menu that was great. I have to stand right in from of my tv to read this stupid menu.


Here it is the end of August almost and STILL not fixed..


We are ready to ditch direct tv. This new menus SUCKS and most of the time our shows aren’t even showing up to be watched.

I get so frustrated I want to break the Damn box.

What a STUPID idea. It’s impossible to read, it’s a hot mess as for as organization, and only about ten shows that are recorded are on the list.


Totally agree. I have the genie that got this completely untested, and awful menu/face lift and an older HR24 with the original menu's, screens, etc and it's truly amazing how nice the old style is.This new style not only is impossible to read, as the original poster noted, but it is SOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW!

Everything is slow. If i were to compare the number of button pushes on the remote to get things done to a mouse on a PC... this quadrupled the number of clicks to get things done.Information is missing such as "First Aired Dates" on programs... if you have many programs recorded and you do binge watching...

once you delete an episode and are back in the menu, it pops you into a completely different program. IF you click into a program to view the details, it auto launches the program and just starts playing.EVERY SINGLE TIME i go into my recorded shows, i need to scroll down to the playlist and then scroll over 1 to change the view and get rid of those aweful program ICONS as they are NEVER IN THE ORDER I WATCH MY SHOWS! It's a scrolling nightmare.Have i mentioned everything is 1000 times slower... navigating menus, trying to move around and just getting to where i need to be (a.k.a increased clicks).And to add insult to all of this...

there are no "settings/menu preferences" where i can go in and instruct the receiver to change any of it. Example... back when there were HD and SD channels and you could instruct the receiver to "hide sd duplicates" Anything... to make this more of how I, THE CUSTOMER, would like my settings.If DTV is going to be this extreme...

then why not turn this horrible experience into a positive one... and let people log into their DTV account, pick their receiver (if they have more than one) and then set up a THEME!!! How about that? And let users determine what kind of theme the want on their receiver!!I can already go to DTV to record programs, so why not let me configure my menu screens, settings, DEFAULT SETTINGS...

for myself? Simply add the stipulation... that if a receiver is RESET... then you may lose your settings.

But then again, if you let me configure it in the cloud via my DTV account... then i could have as many THEMES or "profiles" as i wish.NOW THAT WOULD BE GREAT, and would be an AMAZING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!!Ya know... the even moved the location of the channel numbers, name and time.... people get very used to pressing "info" on a program and seeing their screen with channel in upper left, clock upper right, etc....

and DTV moved it all around giving no consideration to the fact that "habits" now have to be remade. UGH.Only 2 things i like... i like the 15 minute markers when watching programs... and i like that i can now RESET the receiver via settings vs having to push that blasted red button...

something that has to be done all the time as DTV's equipment is sooooo old. Again UGH. The only way to get so called "new" equipment, is to commit to YEARS of service... Contracts!

It's 2018... and we are still treated like the old cell phone customer contracts.... I could maybe understand for the first 2 years for a new customer IF and ONLY IF they have to send a tech to do a full install... but if not...

outrageous to make people commit to those kinds of contracts in todays world. Plus... they force us to pay all that insurance so... its still a rip.And now come full circle...

one is locked into a 2 year contract... and DTV pulls these outrageous acts such as redoing all these MENU's and screens... and once a person is locked in, they have no reason to care about you. They say they do...

but there's no reason.Just like politics... people have short memories. Some politician does something outrageous, gets busted, people are mad as all and 12 months later, they are re-elected as no one remembers! That's what DTV gets too, by locking people in.Anyhow...

i hope there is some value here in what i have to say. And if not... my apologies. :)Thanks!PS...

i've been with DTV more than 15 years. With each new year, i start to cut the cord more and more for 3 primary reasons... 1) I can't upgrade my equipment without recommitting 2 more years hence my equipment is all 8 years old... and every time they replace it because it breaks down, not only do i LOSE all my recordings, but then they send me another 8 year old receiver, 2) Prices keep going up and i STILL CANNOT PICK AND CHOOSE MY OWN CHANNELS (i want ALA CART) and 3) They do these horrible changes before doing their own usability testing!

There is no reason why every employee of DTV can't get an account, have their access card coded in a way to identify them as a DTV employee (globally i'm talking about) and THEY get all of these "updates" before consumers.... let them do usability testing before forcing this stuff on.... well....

ME!Thanks again. :)


I agree with the new changes, they stink. Hard to read bad color scheme, doesn't anybody check out this crap


Everyone in our house hates the new format. Its very hard to see and my husband is accidentally deleting shows he wants to watch. Very frustrating....bring back the old menu ..PLEASE


I have to agree with all of the other reviews about the new menu! It is just bad.

The font is too small, the grey on grey status bar for recordings is pointless, you've moved some of the popular options to different areas and it took me a week to find them!

And, I still can't figure out how do I delete several shows I've watched on my list? Please, DirecTV, fix this atrocious menu mistake before you lose half of your customers!!


Attention DirecTV and AT&T - listen to your customer's complaints about the new menu format and make corrections, we are begging you* change the color of the progress bar; the two tones of gray are useless are not distinct enough with the black background to be able to see where the recorded portion is* Playlist; don't expand the highlighted item, it takes up too much room, it's easy to miss that there's a line shown before it, personally when scrolling my eye/brain ignores that highlighted item as I've learned to ignore the highlighted advertisement banners in the Guide* Search; you not only removed the arrows to indicate that there are more line items before/after what's shown on screen, but there's not even a barely visible scroll bar like there is on other screens (again - grey is the wrong color)*Recent Searches; should be listed alphabetically or at least give us that option and remember/keep the option we choose


Absolutely pissed off at changes. Multiple steps to get to what I want to do.

Lost several shows because of new format. HATE IT!


Just woke today to this..omg... Horrible!!!!

My tv time was comfortable.... Now I'm reaching for glasses and pushing button after button trying to figure this out. A very poor choice! Who needs the left screen explaining the stations...we already got it...

Grey..... Really? You can't even figure out where you are when fast forwarding anymore!

Very very bad changes... Can't find any positive.


I can't see it. Print is too small.

Gray color is awful. Please go back to old format.


The new format sucks change it back so small you can’t even see it


I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE DIRECTV CUSTOMER WHO SAID THIS:This new menu format sucks, extremely small font, icons, and so on. I can’t believe they’d change it to this crap, can’t hardy see it, read it, or See the channel icons.Prior to the change I could visualize everything just fine, what’s the reason for His drastic change????I WOKE UP TO THIS NEW GUID FORMAT AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS WEEK (5/2/2018) AND I DON'T GET IT -- NOR THE NEED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



to NOLA R ELKINS #1483252

Totally agree with all the comments! HATE HATE HATE this new and improved update!

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

Already accidentally eraed an entire series when trying to erase 1 episode. I’m really close to changing back to Dish.


Hate it!! Colors are bad, font is too small, and the interface is SLOOOOOOOOW. I want the old menu back!


I have very good eyesight and the menu font is blurry .. extremely upset


The new menu format is awful. It is difficult to tell what I've watched and what I haven't. Allow an option to opt out and select the old format.


Font too small. Find other options is hard to find and not working well. Wish we could choose the new view vs more traditional tv channel based view for own families..


My husband and I HATE this new format!! Too hard to read, bunch of unnecessary crap to wade through, and WHERE is the to-do list, history, or series manager?

I haven't found it yet!! Why was it necessary to put a color picture of the ALREADY recorded shows, rather in a list? Most people know how to read!

Oh, I forgot-they made the writing too small to see!! If I could get out of my contract, I DEFINITELY WOULD!!


New format sucks can’t see it to small the see thru background is stupid hard to navigate when trying to find something on demand!! Do these people not look at this crap for themselves before they roll it out to public

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