New Orleans, Louisiana
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I cannot find my recorded shows under any category. They aren't under All Recordings...if it is a tv show, if isn't listed under TV Shows...if it is a movie, it isn't listed under Movies.

I have to go to history and page down (slowly) through 353 events. Then when I find the event, I don't know if it is the one I'm looking for as no recorded date appears...I have to open it to see.

Just ridiculous. I'm seriously considering cancellation after 18 years with Direct TV.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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in my opinion it is the worst i have ever seen!!! i think i know why.

When the AT & T merger (marriage) took place Directv started acting just like them.

For me I would rather have HULU or just watch Netflix Did i mention there are NO USA reps to help if you call in? Another downfall


I have the same problem. Between the recorded shows issue and the major sign-in issues which they can't seem to fix, I may have to end my 12 years of loyalty to DirecTV. There are just too many cheaper options now to have to put up with this crap.